Polypharmacy – How Many Drugs are Too Many for the Elderly?

I’m amazed sometimes when I look at the prescription list of some of our residents when they move in to one of our homes. It can be 18-20 drugs long. Or more! The medical term for this is Polypharmacy – the use of multiple drugs or more that are medically necessary. Now I’m no doctor. …

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9 Easy Ways to Maximize the Value of a Telemedicine Visit

During this pandemic, many doctors are switching over to a telemedicine visit.  That’s a fancy way of saying a video call between a doctor and a patient. Although there are many good clinics in Goodyear and Surprise, AZ, doctors want to be safe around elderly patients. Many doctor’s offices are closed or restricted from seeing patients …

9 Easy Ways to Maximize the Value of a Telemedicine Visit Read More »

Our Staff works closely with doctors and nurses to minimize drug side effects

Drug Side Effects – How to Protect Your Elderly Parent

(Note: A lot of the information in this post about drug side effects comes from a book we highly recommend. Robert Derlet, MD and Joseph Cohen, MD wrote  BoomER: Emergency Room Survival Guide for Baby Boomers and Older Folks. BoomER helps families take charge of the health of their elderly relatives. They learn why they …

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Light and sound have helped with dementia treatment in mice

7 Encouraging Developments in Dementia Treatment

Although we’re still a long way from a cure for the various forms of Dementia, there are some encouraging signs. Dementia treatment has come a long way in recent years. And we need more and more new treatments. According to the World Health Organization, another 10 million people a day receive a dementia diagnosis. Currently …

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An Important “Drug-Induced” Nutrient Depletion Calculator

The residents in our assisted living homes take a lot of medications. It’s pretty typical for older people who have a variety of chronic conditions. We always think of these medications as substances that are supposed to help us. But the drug-induced nutrient depletion that can result may cause more problems than the medications solve. …

An Important “Drug-Induced” Nutrient Depletion Calculator Read More »

Iowaska ceremony

11 Wildest Effects of Iowaska (and some cautions about what it can do)

Recently we had the son of one of our resident’s travel down to Ecuador and participate in an Iowaska Ceremony (also spelled Ayahuasca). He had quite an experience. So we thought we would write a post describing these ceremonies which are growing more and more popular. Some people have had great experiences and some have had very bad experiences. We will let you judge for yourself.

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