3 Affordable Assisted Living And Memory Care Homes In Surprise, AZ

Lots of Options to Meet Your Needs and Budget

For many families, the three most important features they want in an assisted living and memory care homes are:

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

The family wants to be close to their Mother, Father or Grandparents. They want to be able to pop-in after work. Or bring the grandkids over easily on the weekend. That’s why we have three assisted living and memory care homes strategically located throughout Surprise, Arizona.


Banff Lane

Our home on Banff Lane is a beautifully decorated home with many active residents. Families of our residents really love getting together on holidays and sometimes just for fun. Many of the families will bring over food to help prepare big meals, and eat at the table with all our residents. ...
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135th Drive

This beautiful home has all the amenities of our larger homes but was set up to be an affordable alternative. The residents here all enjoy home-cooked meals from scratch and similar activities to the other homes. And they are able to be here at a very reasonable price. Royal Paradise is ...
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164th Lane

Our home on 164th Lane received the ‘Best Home in Surprise AZ Award for 2019’ from the website SeniorAdvisor.com. We are especially proud of the fact the award is given based on feedback from the families of our residents. With 18 years of experience in caregiving and 11 years of running ...
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Fun Facts about Surprise, Arizona

Surprise, Arizona sure has an interesting town name. Flora Mae Statler founded the city in 1938. At the founding she said she “would be surprised if the town ever amounted to much”. Since then Surprise, AZ has really grown. Between 2000 and 2019 the population of Surprise, AZ grew 337%. It is growing faster than nearly all of the other similar sized cities in America. 


And why not? It has great amenities such as the Surprise Stadium which hosts the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers each year for Major League Baseball Spring Training. The City also has a great Senior Center for adults over 50 to hang out, socialize, and enjoy some good meals. If you need a break from the hot Arizona sun, there’s always the Surprise Aquatic Center with slides for the kids and lap pools for fitness.


The surrounding areas of Sun City West and Waddell each have their own attractions. Sun City West Arizona is an unincorporated, planned retirement community with seven golf courses, indoor and outdoor pools, a bowling alley and lots of other amenities for 30,000 residents.


The town of Waddell, Arizona is being rapidly gobbled up by Surprise Arizona. It does have some attractions though. One of those attractions is the Justice Brothers Ranch where you can pick your own fruit. You can also buy fresh vegetables straight off the farm or go find a pumpkin for Halloween. The Ranch grows all natural produce with no pesticides.


Surprise, Arizona is a great city full of wonderful people. 


Nichole Johnson

This is honestly one of the best homes I visit weekly. Always greeted with smiles and happiness. Home is always clean and comfortable. Residents are happy and occupied. Great comfort home by far.


Austin Wourms

This home is by far the best community home I have had the pleasure of working in. Laura is the captain of the ship and she runs the home to perfection. Laura really cares about all of the residents health and happiness and it shows. I see nothing smiling faces at this house. I highly recommend this facility to anyone needing a community home.


Terry E. Mills

This is a wonderful GH environment. Pt's are well cared for, Needs are met, I would recommend this home.

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