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Placing your loved one into assisted living or memory care is a very big decision. These are the people who have cared for you for your entire life. Now they need you to care for them as you make the assisted living decision. We understand your concern. We want you to make the right decision for them.

Based on the feedback from families, we have tried to tailor our assisted living program to make you feel happy with your decision.

Here is how our assisted living program works. We have standardized this program in all our homes. Whether you choose our assisted living homes in Surprise Arizona, Goodyear, Arizona, or Mesa, Arizona, your loved one will receive the same program and amenities.

Introduction to the Assisted Living Home

We welcome each resident and their family into our assisted living home’s extended family, where every individual is celebrated, cherished and connected. During the initial transition, we make every effort to ease your elderly loved one into a comfortable and enjoyable space, offering tailored assisted living options to suit their preferences and needs. 

We understand that it is difficult for some people to accept that their care needs have increased to the point where they need assisted living. There may be an adjustment period when they arrive at our home. So we may ask the family to not visit their loved one for the first couple of days. That way they can adjust to the new routine and environment.

During their stay, we strive to enable our residents to lead their most independent and autonomous lives in a way that keeps them happy, healthy and cared for with the following amenities:

Intimate Assisted Living Community Setting 

 Easy to navigate, our inviting community features private and semi-private accommodations, spacious and beautifully decorated common areas, and a beautifully landscaped outdoor area offering a place for our residents to enjoy fresh air with friends and family.

Personalized  Assistance

Each resident is evaluated as part of the assisted living program to allow us to offer the specific services that they need to maintain their independence. Our staff can assist with everything from personal hygiene to medication monitoring and management. We get to know our residents and watch for changes that indicate the need to change or increase their level of care.

Healthy, tasty meals 

Our assisted living staff delights in bringing the residents the best local produce and ingredients to make their dining experience a joy every day. Some of our homes are growing their own nutritious and fresh food. We work with nutritionists and doctors to make sure the meals are appropriate for their condition.

Never a dull moment

Our community calendar is filled with the scheduled daily activities at our assisted living home designed to make every day special. To stay active, we offer activities, social gatherings and fitness sessions that are appropriate for a variety of skills, interests and senior needs. We also take residents out of the home periodically on trips to local attractions.

What families are saying about our assisted living care


Nichole Johnson

This is honestly one of the best homes I visit weekly. Always greeted with smiles and happiness. Home is always clean and comfortable. Residents are happy and occupied. Great comfort home by far.


Austin Wourms

This home is by far the best community home I have had the pleasure of working in. Laura is the captain of the ship and she runs the home to perfection. Laura really cares about all of the residents health and happiness and it shows. I see nothing smiling faces at this house. I highly recommend this facility to anyone needing a community home.


Terry E. Mills

This is a wonderful GH environment. Pt's are well cared for, Needs are met, I would recommend this home.

Assisted Living Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is assisted living?

    Assisted living businesses take care of people who need more care than they or their family members can provide in a building with other residents. The building can be smaller such as a residential group home to a large facility with hundreds of apartments. The residents receive 24/7 care, meals, laundry, medication management and assistance with other activities of daily living. Assisted living can often offer a more affordable option than having a full-time caregiver in the person’s home.

  • What age do most people go into assisted living?

    People of any age that need a significant amount of care can go into assisted living. Most frequently assisted living residents are over age 65 and may be over 100 years old. The residents will likely have one or more medical conditions that require more care they or their family can provide at home. Most residents are about 75-95 years old.

  • What do most assisted living facilities provide?

    Assisted living facilities vary in the type and quantity of their services. However, most assisted living facilities will provide at least 24/7 care for the residents, all meals, hygiene, laundry, medication management, and some form of activities. Many assisted living facilities will also have medical professionals on staff or on contract with the business.

  • Does Medicare pay for assisted living in Arizona?

    In general Medicare does not pay for assisted living anywhere in the US. Medicare may pay for certain medical procedures for assisted living residents that may include some of the recovery period in the assisted living home. There are certain other programs available to pay for assisted living in Arizona such as long-term-care insurance, Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits, and the Arizona Long-Term Care Services (Arizona Medicaid).

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