Beautiful Assisted Living And Memory Care Home In Goodyear, AZ

A Beautiful Home in a Quiet Neighborhood with Lots of Activities

For many families, the three most important features they want in an assisted living and memory care homes are:

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

The family wants to be close to their Mother, Father or Grandparents. They want to be able to pop-in after work. Or bring the grandkids over easily on the weekend. That’s why we have three assisted living and memory care homes strategically located throughout Goodyear, Arizona.


Campbell Avenue

Our home on Campbell Avenue received the ‘Best Home in Goodyear AZ Award for 2019’ from the website We are especially proud of the fact the award is given based on feedback from the families of our residents. All of the residents seem very enthusiastic about using a personal trainer, and ...
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Activities At Our Assisted Living Home In Goodyear, AZ

Our personal trainer helps our residents burn off the calories from all the great food they eat. He does the workouts in a large group setting so everyone can enjoy some social interaction and encouragement as they exercise.

We also have volunteers from local Goodyear, AZ communities and churches that come to spend time with the residents and play games with them.

For those interested and capable, we also like to have field trips to local attractions around Goodyear, AZ:

Of course families (and especially grandchildren and pets) are welcome anytime to our assisted living and memory care home in Goodyear, Arizona!

Fun Facts About Goodyear, Arizona 

The City of Goodyear, Arizona started in 1917 when, you guessed it, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company purchased 16,000 acres of land to grow cotton for their tires. 

The town experienced some growth during World War II when the Army Air Corps built Luke Air Force Base Aux Field #6, later known as the Phoenix Goodyear Airport. Unfortunately, after the War, it became tough for businesses to attract customers to Goodyear. The infrastructure and roads from Phoenix to Goodyear were minimal. That meant very few people came to the town.

Goodyear, AZ did not see much growth until about 1990 when more infrastructure was in place. Then the town started to make up for the lack of growth for the previous years. From 1990-2000 Goodyear was the third fastest-growing city in Arizona. The recent US Census showed that the City of Goodyear grew 46% from 2010-2020 to become one of the 10 fastest-growing cities in America and the 2nd fastest-growing city in Arizona.

Today Goodyear, Arizona is a sprawling city on the west side of Phoenix. There are a lot of fun things to do. The Goodyear Community Park is a fun place for families and friends to gather. There is a ‘splash pad’ for people to cool off from the Arizona sun from April to October. They also have sand volleyball and tennis courts you can rent out. 

The Estrella Lakeside Amphitheater is a great place to see Rock Concerts and other entertainers.

For those interested in religion or just rare books, Goodyear, AZ has a unique Bible Museum.  At the museum you can actually hold, turn pages, and examine very rare bibles and other religious texts.

Speaking Of Families, Here Are Some Reviews Of What Families Have Said About Our Goodyear Assisted Living And Memory Care:


Bree Perroni

After my mom passed away and my dad had a massive stroke we weren't sure what to do. We then met Hal! He was so kind and helpful. My dad now lives at Paradise for Parents and we couldn't be happier! The home and staff have been amazing!


Carol Hall

My father (Ken Thompson) has been at this home since August 2016. He was in terrible shape and could not stand up. He is now standing up and his overall health has improved so much that he has been able to stop some of his medications. This home has many good programs for the residents, such as a personal trainer, which has helped my dad considerably. I highly recommend this group home. Kudos to the staff.


David S Taplin

Very good care. Very good personal

Besides Goodyear families, we also have had families from the nearby communities of Avondale, Litchfield Park, Buckeye, Surprise, and Tolleson. Goodyear, AZ is in the middle of these communities and the most convenient for everyone.

And we do have families from outside the State of Arizona place their loved ones in our homes. Either the family lives around Goodyear and bring their relative in from out of state. Or the family member lives near Goodyear and doesn’t want to move, even though the rest of the family is far away.

A Paradise for Parents Assisted living and Memory Care locations

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