Senior Care Tips

Cognitive Decline

Red Light Therapy for Alzheimer’s?

We did some research to see if we wanted to bring red light therapy into our assisted living homes.  Every day there seems to be new research showing that non-pharmaceutical interventions can really help someone with symptoms of cognitive decline. One very promising area of research seems to suggest  red …

Meat fish and chicken. All components of the Carnivore diet
Diet and Nutrition

Our Carnivore Diet in Assisted Living Podcast

I am really excited about using the Carnivore diet in assisted living situations. We have been using the diet in our assisted living homes for about 4 months now and seeing some amazing results. Like a resident losing 135 lbs in 3 months amazing. Like another resident actually IMPROVING on …

A head shown as a tree with leaves gradually falling off.
Assisted Living Search

ReCODE in Assisted Living

The ReCODE Protocol developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen has had a lot of success in mitigating  and, in many cases, reversing cognitive decline. There are a lot of parts of the program that require discipline from the patient in order to be successful. It can be difficult to adhere to the program …

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