5 Most Successful Ways to Avoid A Nursing Home (from an Assisted Living Homeowner)

Considering moving into a nursing home? Maybe there’s another way. Maybe you shouldn’t accept the aging process. Maybe you should fight it! Become well enough to avoid a nursing home. Work hard at improving yourself and stay at home the rest of your life. Read on to find out how..

Mobile Dentists really help the elder population in Arizona

2 Mobile Dentists Serving Surprise and Goodyear

Here are two mobile dentists who can be a lifesaver for elderly people who have limited mobility. Both companies serve the entire Phoenix area. We’re especially happy to have them in the Surprise and Goodyear area where our assisted living homes are located.

Examples of processed food.

5 Scary Facts about Consuming Processed Food

When was the last time you had an entirely wholesome meal? No canned food, no prepackaged products, and purely from farm-to-table ingredients? An average American consumes mostly processed foods – or foods that are made with synthetic chemicals, GMOs, salt, and other ingredients that aren’t beneficial for you. In fact, a study published in 2017 …

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Learn about all the organizations that offer Senior Benefits around Surprise and Goodyear Arizona

18 Helpful Senior Resources Around Surprise and Goodyear

The senior industry around Surprise and Goodyear Arizona is growing. With that growth comes many helpful senior resources. Many of the resources are provided for free. Local businesses, national non-profits and governmental agencies all offer many of these senior resources. At little to no cost to the senior. Unfortunately, many families don’t know about these …

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Common senior scams are all over the internet

3 Common Senior Scams We’ve Experienced

Seniors are very vulnerable to scams. Many times they are very trusting and have money in a bank account that can be sent to the scammers easily. Learn how to protect your favorite seniors from these awful scams in our article.

C Diff reside in your gut waiting to pounce

How to Fight “C Diff Infections”

C Diff infections are painful and potentially deadly. Learn how to fight and cure this awful infection. Or better yet, learn how to prevent it.

Seniors are often surprised when meals are delivered

6 Delicious Senior Meal Delivery Services Near Surprise & Goodyear

As we age our ability to get around decreases. Many elderly people find it more and more difficult to make food in their home or ear out in a restaurant. That’s where senior meal delivery businesses come in. We are blessed in the Surprise and Goodyear, Arizona area to have a wide choice of senior …

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The start of our Assisted Living Music Video

Assisted Living Music Video Parody (Lyrics)

We made our first assisted living music video. Three of our homes (the ones on Banff Lane and 135th Drive in Surprise and Campbell Avenue in Goodyear) participated in making the video. Everyone had a great time. Our video production company – Voyage Pro Productions – did an outstanding job. Assisted Living Music for a …

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Our Personal Trainer holds group exercise sessions

11 Important Health Guidelines We Follow in our Homes

We follow a lot of Health Guidelines to make our residents as comfortable and healthy as possible. It’s wonderful when we can see their conditions improve.

Senior volunteer opportunities are everywhere

7 Senior Volunteer Opportunities in Goodyear Arizona

Many seniors look for volunteer opportunities in their retirement. If you live in Goodyear, we have found several volunteer opportunities that might appeal to you. If you know of any other opportunities, please add them in the comments below.

Surprise has some beautiful real estate

5 Important Facts About Retiring in Surprise Arizona

Many people have truly enjoyed retiring in Surprise Arizona. And what’s not to love? Surprise really caters to the senior population while still providing a nice town for younger families. We obviously love this town since we have three assisted living homes within the city limits. Of course, we like Goodyear as well where we …

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20 Welcoming Churches in Goodyear AZ (& 1 Synagogue)

A couple weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about churches in Surprise, Arizona. Three of our assisted living homes are in Surprise. And many of our residents are interested in religion. We wanted to help them (and you?) find the right church for their faith. This week, we wanted to do the same for …

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18 Convenient Senior Transportation Services in Surprise Arizona

As people grow older, their ability to drive a car, ride a bicycle or just walk to where they need to go decreases. Their need to travel, however, is still there. Although older people may not be jet-setting all over the world, they still need to buy groceries, see the doctor, visit family and other …

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Lots of space to live in Goodyear

14 Tremendous Benefits for Seniors Who Live In Goodyear AZ

We love having our assisted living homes and memory care in Goodyear and Surprise Arizona. Seniors who live in Goodyear and Surprise have so many advantages and amenities. For this article we thought we would list out some of the great benefits for seniors who live in Goodyear. Then in another article we could cover …

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Mountainside Baptist Church in Surprise Congregation

17 Fun Churches in Surprise AZ

Many of the residents in our assisted living homes value their faith. We wanted to help grow that faith. So we put together this guide to churches in Surprise AZ. Hopefully it will help you find the church you can feel comfortable in and enjoy.

Helping the elderly with Hospice

8 Stellar Hospice Services in Surprise and Goodyear AZ

Our assisted living homes often work with Hospice services in Surprise and Goodyear to provide our residents the best care possible. We wanted to highlight in this article the Hospice companies that have given us the best service. They’ve gone above and beyond to care for their residents. Hopefully this will help you make the tough decision on Hospice a little easier.

Rapid Care clinic is the only urgent care facility on the list

20 Low Cost (or Even No Cost) Goodyear and Surprise Clinics

Many senior citizens are struggling to pay their health care bills. We want to help the senior citizens in Goodyear and Surprise area near our assisted living homes. So we thought we would publish a list of the 20 low or no cost clinics we know about. We hope this list will help you.

Dialysis Ain't No Fun

19 Helpful Surprise & Goodyear Dialysis Centers

If you live in the Surprise or Goodyear area and need Dialysis treatment, this article may help you. It lists all the dialysis centers within a reasonable driving distance.

Banner Del Webb is the Big Daddy for medical centers around Surprise

3 Caring Medical Centers Around Surprise Arizona

Many of the residents in our assisted living homes require frequent visits to medical centers around Surprise and Goodyear. That’s why it’s nice to know we have so many choices for them. The medical centers around Surprise and Goodyear have the equipment, staff and resources to help the elderly. We thought we would run down …

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Angry Seniors May be Hurting their Health

Angry seniors may have a lot of health problems. One recent study showed that anger in older adults can lead to inflammation and higher risks of chronic disease.

Lots of activities in Senior Centers around Surprise

5 Awesome Senior Centers Around Surprise AZ

The West Valley of Phoenix is a great place for seniors to live, vacation, or come as snowbirds. Lots of activities await seniors who come to our great towns of Surprise and Goodyear. The senior centers around Surprise provide a central location for lots of these activities. Every day we see the residents in our …

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Medicaid and ALTCS will cover assisted living

Does Medicare Cover Assisted Living?

“How much?” That’s one of the biggest questions people ask as they tour our assisted living homes. It is right after excellent care. Once people know the prices, they start wondering how they will pay for our services. They also want to know what programs can help. We receive a lot of questions like “Does …

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Caregivers, Neighbors and residents all turned out for our Easter Egg Hunts

A Special Assisted Living Easter

Easter is a wonderful holiday. It means so much to people around the world. It’s a time for gathering with families and friends. And it means Spring is here. Our ‘Assisted Living Easter’ was no exception. The planning for our assisted living Easter at our four homes in Surprise and Goodyear started well before Easter. …

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Our Goodyear and Surprise assisted living residents painted some great coffee mugs

Goodyear and Surprise Assisted Living Field Trip – Pottery Painting

Last week we took residents from our Goodyear and Surprise assisted living homes to paint some mugs as part of a pottery class. We visited Wheels on Fire Pottery to do it. They had the mugs all ready for us and gave us a big selection of paint colors. Our residents had a great time, and we can’t wait to see the final product.

Alzheimer's disease can bring families together for support

5 Ways to Provide Care for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s can be devastating to a family. But with the proper care and love from those around the person suffering, someone with the disease can have their symptoms lessened considerably.

Our Surprise & Goodyear Assisted Living Residents and the Desert Edge Football Players

Football & Baseball In Surprise and Goodyear Assisted Living Homes

On March 24th, 2019 several of our assisted living residents went to a Reds Rockies Spring Training game accompanied by members of the Desert Edge High School Football Team. A great time was had by all. This blog post tells the story of the day.

Solace Hospice in Surprise and Goodyear provides family support

Solace Hospice in Surprise and Goodyear: A Partner and A Friend

We are doing everything we can at our assisted living homes to make the lives of our senior residents more fun and comfortable. To take care of our residents, we need help from outside medical experts. Some of those experts come from Hospice in Surprise and Goodyear. Other professionals in the area include: Doctors Nurses …

Solace Hospice in Surprise and Goodyear: A Partner and A Friend Read More »

Goodyear senior and veteran's discounts include a vet discount at Rudy's

15 Nice Goodyear Senior and Veteran Restaurant Discounts

Here are a lot of great discounts for seniors and veterans in the city of Goodyear Arizona.

Where we sat at the Big Buddha

A Great Restaurant for Seniors in Surprise Arizona

We recently had a wonderful experience with our assisted living residents. We took some of them out to a local Chinese restaurant, the Big Buddha in Surprise Arizona. Everything about the evening was wonderful. It was a great time for some of our residents in our Surprise assisted living home to meet residents in our Goodyear assisted living home. The food was superb and everyone had a great time.

slow down Alzheimer's. Learn How!

The Protocol that Could Slow Down Alzheimer’s or Reverse It

We found one Doctor who can slow down Alzheimer’s or even reverse it. Now we are trying to implement his protocol in our assisted living homes in Surprise and Goodyear Arizona. Feel free to stop by and see what we are doing!

a paradise for parents- dining out

Senior Discounts in Goodyear Arizona

We love having one of our assisted living homes in the city of Goodyear, Arizona. The people are wonderful, the weather is beautiful, there’s plenty to do,and there are some great shops and restaurants in the area.  Plus, there are some great senior discounts in Goodyear. We thought we’d dig around and find you a …

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a paradise for parents- cooking

7 Simplest Ways To Make Easy Meals for Seniors

  As we get older, mealtime can sometimes become more of a chore than an enjoyable experience. If we struggle to get around the kitchen or to prep ingredients, it can leave us feeling frustrated. When you’re frustrated it becomes harder to eat healthy. Frustration could cause you to resort to unhealthy, carbohydrate and sodium-loaded …

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11 Magnificently Fun Senior Activities Around Surprise AZ

We’re always looking for fun outings and Senior activities around Surprise. We have several assisted living homes in the Surprise area of Arizona. Surprise is a rapidly growing town up in the Northwest corner of the Phoenix metro area.  It is located near the cities of Sun City, Goodyear and Sun City West. Our assisted …

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47 Lyme Disease Symptoms People Confuse with Alzheimer’s [Infographics]

Lymes disease symptoms often manifest themselves long after the tick bit you. Learn how to recognize the symptoms so you can seek treatment as soon as possible.

An Important “Drug-Induced” Nutrient Depletion Calculator

The residents in our assisted living homes take a lot of medications. It’s pretty typical for older people who have a variety of chronic conditions. We always think of these medications as substances that are supposed to help us. But the drug-induced nutrient depletion that can result may cause more problems than the medications solve. …

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Angry Much? 11 Best Ways to Treat Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Do you know anyone who just seems to be angry all the time? Do you have a problem with anger? It might be something more than frustration at a person or situation. If it seems like someone becomes much angrier or outraged than makes sense for a given situation, they may have Intermittent Explosive Disorder …

Angry Much? 11 Best Ways to Treat Intermittent Explosive Disorder Read More »

Amazing “Super Slow” Senior Weightlifting

One of our most popular blog posts lists an overall plan for older people to stay out of a nursing home. Next to nutrition, one of the best ways to stay healthy is to exercise. Especially using resistance training exercises (weightlifting). You can find several blog posts on our site describing good exercises such as resistance band training, Tai …

Amazing “Super Slow” Senior Weightlifting Read More »

Subungual Hematoma: How to Fix Your Nail

Why is it that Doctors have to have fancy names for any medical condition? A Subungual Hematoma is a perfect example. The term means blood between your fingernail or toenail and the nail bed. Regardless of what you call it, ‘Nail blood’ at the least look ugly and at worst can be pretty painful. Although …

Subungual Hematoma: How to Fix Your Nail Read More »

Walmart Savings Catcher Changed – And Customers May Not Like It

Our caregivers and staff do a lot of shopping at Wal-Mart. Whether it’s supplies or groceries for our assisted living homes, it’s tough to beat Wal-Mart prices. It was even tougher to beat the prices the Walmart Savings Catcher gave us.     Regardless of which code you scanned, the app downloaded everything on the …

Walmart Savings Catcher Changed – And Customers May Not Like It Read More »

11 Little-Known Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss

We recently attended a class on hearing loss in elderly adults with Dan Hewson from Ascent Audiology and Hearing. After following up a little with Dan, we learned a ton of information to help our residents. Hopefully this article showcasing some of what we learned will help you.

9 Top Sundowners Syndrome Techniques

Sundowners Syndrome is a condition that affects a great deal of people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. People with Sundowners become agitated and anxious. They have trouble sleeping at night, which causes a lot of stress for both the person and those caring for them. This article shows what the caregivers in our assisted living homes have done to greatly ease this condition in our residents who have it.

Iowaska ceremony

11 Wildest Effects of Iowaska (and some cautions about what it can do)

Recently we had the son of one of our resident’s travel down to Ecuador and participate in an Iowaska Ceremony (also spelled Ayahuasca). He had quite an experience. So we thought we would write a post describing these ceremonies which are growing more and more popular. Some people have had great experiences and some have had very bad experiences. We will let you judge for yourself.

27 Important Aspects of Tricare Reserve Select You Need to Know

Tricare Reserve Select is one of the best benefits the military offers to Reservists and their families. We want to help our veterans clear up any confusion they may have in obtaining the benefits they so richly deserve.

how to start a plant-based diet

9 Tips on How to Start a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Transitioning from the standard American diet to a whole food plant based one can be daunting. But making small, gradual changes is the key to ultimately eating a healthier, balanced diet. Before we dive into how to start a whole food plant based diet, it’s important to know what it is. A perfect whole food …

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Vitamin B12 benefits include hemoglobin production

11 Top Vitamin B12 Benefits for Seniors

Our bodies don’t make Vitamin B12. But the Vitamin B12 benefits are large. We need to absorb it from supplements or from eating animal products (meat, dairy, fish). As we age, it becomes harder and harder to absorb Vitamin B12. Read this article to see what you can do to protect yourself from B12 deficiency and enjoy the benefits of this wonderful vitamin.

seniors making money in retirement

11 Simple Ways to Make Money in Retirement

It seems more and more difficult these days to make money in retirement. More and more people are turning to part-time work and other ways to supplement their retirement income. Here are 11 great ways for anyone in retirement, or even for people who have other jobs, to make a little extra.

Love and Living with Alzheimer's

15 Years of Living with Alzheimer’s – What I Learned [Video]

One of our residents has been living with Alzheimer’s for 15 years. They graciously agreed to tell their story on a video. We hope the video and this transcript with help other families who face this dread disease.

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7 Amazing Benefits of Algae for Seniors

Did you know that algae has been used as food and medicine for centuries? It’s one of the original “superfoods”. It’s rich in protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. The benefits of algae for seniors can be especially amazing because it is so easy to consume. Most algae grow under the sea and don’t have significant …

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C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\vegan diet for seniors.jpg

5 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet for Seniors – With Case Studies to Prove It

It’s always important to eat healthy.  As we approach our golden years, it is especially important. Most of our favorites – the fatty, sweet, fried, and calorie-dense food – are the ones seniors should eliminate. They are the root causes of many diseases. Eating healthy is the key to keeping our bodies at its prime even …

5 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet for Seniors – With Case Studies to Prove It Read More »

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\medicare card.jpg

What You Need to Know About the New Medicare Cards

The US Government is issuing new Medicare cards to help prevent identity theft. In this blog post we give you tips and tricks to help you avoid medicare fraud and other identity theft tactics.

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\candida senior tired.jpg

5 Symptoms, 5 Causes & 5 Remedies for Candida Infections

Candida is a yeast in your body that can cause serious problems if allowed to grow out of control. Learn in this blog post how to recognize signs of overgrowth. The post also covers how to treat and prevent Candida overgrowth.

People of Ikaria prevent Alzheimer's

24 Breakthrough Ways To Prevent Alzheimer’s (Or Slow It Down)

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease. Losing your memory is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Since there is no known cure, we have to do everything we can to prevent Alzheimer’s or at least slow it down. Here are some highly effective ways to do just that.

3 Important Differences Between Assisted Living & Independent Living

The first step in searching for a senior living community for your loved one is to identify the level of care they need. By doing so, you can save time in searching for the best senior living. Find out about the difference between assisted living and independent living, among others, to know which senior living is the best for your loved one.

7 Awesome Ways to Create a Family Tree

Looking for creative ways to bond with your elderly loved one? Creating family trees is a great activity to do seniors since it’s not only enjoyable but it also stimulates their brain and strengthens your relationship with your elderly loved one. Here seven awesome ways to do so.

C:\Users\PERSONAL\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Assisted Living Sun City.jpg

2 Super Programs to Check-In On Sun City Seniors

When your elderly loved one lives alone, not only is it socially isolating, it can be dangerous as well. It’s a good thing that Maricopa County has 2 great programs for keeping Sun City Seniors safe.

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Activities in Assisted Living.jpg

7 Reasons Why Assisted Living Helps Your Quality of Life

As more and more people approach retirement, it’s imperative that they educate themselves regarding their options when it comes to senior care and handling their changing health needs. When you start to notice that your elderly loved one needs more daily care, you might find assisted living helps both them and you. Assisted living homes …

7 Reasons Why Assisted Living Helps Your Quality of Life Read More »

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Looking For Assisted Living Facilities.jpg

Surprise Assisted Living – Common Questions Answered

If you’re scouting for assisted living facilities, one of the most common questions people ask is, “How does it work?” This article zeroes in on how assisted living works. Find out more about your loved one’s rights, quality of care, payment options and fees, and more.

Healthy Feeding Tube Food

The “Miracle” of Nutritious Feeding Tube Food

Most feeding tube foods contain lots of sugar and processed chemicals. If you have a family member on a feeding tube, do you really think sugar and chemicals are helping them? Us neither. Learn about a Feeding tube food that is all natural and organic. Wouldn’t it be great to pump nutrients into someone on a feeding tube to help their body heal?

C:\Users\PERSONAL\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Assisted Living sun city az.jpg

7 Easy Ways to Resolve Family Conflicts

When families are stressed out, conflicts inevitably arise. Making the assisted living decision can be very stressful. This article goes into some techniques to resolve family conflicts. In addition, we give you some techniques that might help avoid the conflicts all together.

Pets for the Elderly from Pammy's

6 Heartwarming Reasons We Foster Pets for the Elderly

We found Pets make such a difference in the lives of older people, such as our assisted living residents. That’s why we started working with Pammy’s 2nd Chance Rescue Service to foster dogs for them. Our residents just love interacting with these beautiful animals. Find out why these animals also help our residents in this blog post.

Hospice Myths can often be an obstacle to care

3 Dangerous Hospice Myths & 14 Ways to Evaluate Hospice Care

Hospice care has been given quite a bad rap because it is usually only associated with the end-of-life care. Although there is some truth to the statement, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a senior has to be dying in order to qualify for hospice care. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of …

3 Dangerous Hospice Myths & 14 Ways to Evaluate Hospice Care Read More »

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Senior and Caregiver.jpg

7 Key Differences Between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

Once your loved one does not receive the level of care he/she needs in your home, it’s time to consider other senior living communities. One of the most popular choices would be assisted living and skilled nursing. But what’s the difference between the two? Learn more about the differences in cost, length of stay, level of care, and more.

C:\Users\PERSONAL\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Assisted Living Surprise.jpg

3 Wonderful Tax Benefits of a Health Savings Account

Caring for your elderly loved one can be really costly. The good news is, your loved one can cut the costs of senior care in the future by investing in 401(k) plans, long-term care insurance, individual retirement accounts, and more. But did you know that you can save money by applying for a health and savings account? It has not one, but three separate tax benefits your loved one can enjoy. Find out more about it here.

C:\Users\PERSONAL\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Assisted Living Goodyear.jpg

6 Hassle Saving Tips to Set Up a Power of Attorney

As we grow old and our health begins to decline, there may come a time when we won’t be able to effectively manage our personal and financial affairs. It pays to prepare for the worst and expect for the best. Getting a Power of Attorney will give you and your elderly loved one peace of mind knowing that their personal and financial affairs will be taken care of.

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Arizona Assisted Living Services.jpg

Assisted Living and Memory Care

Do assisted living facilities accept seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? If your loved one has cognitive problems, it’s important to find a senior living community that can cater to their ever-changing needs. Find out more about how assisted living facilities handle seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

How Senna Provides Relief from Constipation

Senna is a herbal supplement that’s approved by the FDA to treat constipation. This drug belongs to a group called stimulant laxatives that irritate your intestinal lining, causing a bowel movement, and therefore, relief from constipation.

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5 Key Steps For a Successful Estate Sale

Is your loved one considering downsizing or possibly moving into a new community? Then this may be the perfect time to help them with an estate sale. Turn lots of old stuff into dollars that can help people with living expenses, travel, grandkids college tuition or a host of other expenses.

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\assistance in daily activities assisted living.jpg

How Assisted Living and Hospice Work Together

As your loved one ages, it is best to be prepared for every possibility – even the end-of-life stage. Assisted living facilities work with hospice care providers to accommodate the ever-changing needs of their residents so they don’t have to move into another facility. Learn more about how assisted living facilities and hospice care work together.

C:\Users\PERSONAL\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\assisted living surprise az.jpg

How Gabapentin Helps with Epilepsy

Gabapentin, also known as Neurontin, is a prescription anti-epileptic drug often referred to as an anti-convulsant which affects the body’s nerves and chemicals in the body that causes a seizure.

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Senior chair exercises.jpg

7 Easy Chair Exercises For Seniors

As we age, staying physically fit and healthy is much more important. It contributes a lot to improving quality of life and promoting independence in seniors. These simple yet effective chair exercises definitely help seniors achieve their fitness goals, increase flexibility, tone the muscles, and increase their range of motion.

C:\Users\PERSONAL\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Assisted living sun city AZ.png

The Difference Between Assisted Living and In-Home Care

With the increasing number of retirees each year comes the rise of senior living communities. Family members and the senior are faced with multiple senior living opportunities. Among all these, two senior living options are the most popular: assisted living and in-home care. Find out which of the two is the best for your loved one.

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\balance exercises for seniors.jpg

9 Effective Balance Exercises for Seniors

Seniors are more prone to suffer from fall-related injuries than younger people. These injuries can be non-fatal or fatal. For this reason, seniors are highly encouraged to include balance exercises to their exercise routine to minimize the risk of falls. Here are nine simple exercises your loved one can do at home.

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Active-Senior-COuple.jpg

How Exercise Helps Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes develops when the body is unable to respond properly to insulin, causing a rise of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. Regular physical exercise helps Diabetes and reduces the symptoms. When combined with proper nutrition, along with diabetes medications, Diabetics can really help control and possibly recover from the disease. Encouraging your elderly …

How Exercise Helps Diabetes Read More »

C:\Users\PERSONAL\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Assisted Living Sun City.jpg

How Namenda (Memantine) Works for Alzheimer’s Disease

Memantine belongs to a group of medications called NMDA receptor antagonists which decrease the abnormality found in the brain. Namenda (Memantine) is an FDA-approved drug that is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The drug lessens the spread of the chemicals in the brain associated with symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

8 Ways to Naturally Reverse Heart Disease

Hearing of people having sudden heart attacks is scary. The scarier part is that everybody is at risk of developing one. Some people more than others. You might think that you’re not going to have a heart attack because you don’t have any family history. Maybe. Or maybe not. Family history is just one factor …

8 Ways to Naturally Reverse Heart Disease Read More »

Hospice Myths can often be an obstacle to care

Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes?

Many people may not know this but a link that connects Alzheimer’s and diabetes (type 2) has recently been discovered.  Scientists are conducting more research to validate those claims. It’s looking more and more likely that we could call Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes. Diabetes happens when the body fails to produce insulin or is unable …

Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes? Read More »

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\living-to-a-hundred.jpg

10 Tips on How to Live to 100 Years Old

Almost every one of us wants to have a chance to live long enough to blow out a hundred candles on our birthday. Even if some people have a different say on this, we can agree that at some point you have wondered how it would feel like to live a long, healthy life. Studies …

10 Tips on How to Live to 100 Years Old Read More »

Diets for Diabetics should be done with a doctor

The Difference Between An Assisted Living Home and a Large Facility

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing a senior living facility Knowing your alternatives greatly help in choosing nothing but the best for your loved one. Find out more about the difference between assisted living facilities and residential care homes – it prices, services offered, and more.

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\senior exercising.jpg

11 Reasons Why Exercise for Seniors is so Important

As we get older, the goal of living a long, healthy, and independent life becomes more apparent. One way to achieve this goal is through regular exercise. Exercise for seniors can make a huge difference in everything about their way of life. Exercise is very important for people in all walks of life, especially so …

11 Reasons Why Exercise for Seniors is so Important Read More »

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Endurance Exercises Elderly.jpg

4 Types of Exercises for Seniors that Everyone Can Use

Whether you’re 10 or you’re 92, regular physical exercise plays an important role in living a long and healthy life. As we age, our bodies may be may be prone to develop different health issues, such as Obesity Diabetes High blood pressure, and h Heart disease Exercise helps combat these issues and prevent them from …

4 Types of Exercises for Seniors that Everyone Can Use Read More »

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\Sugary foods - donuts.jpg

7 Ways to Quit Sugar For Good

Have you ever noticed that seniors, especially those over the age of 70, seem to have an excessive craving for sweets? If your elderly loved one has been eating sugar their whole life, it makes it doubly hard to quit sugar for good. This sparked an interest in researchers and they started looking into the …

7 Ways to Quit Sugar For Good Read More »

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\core exercises for seniors.jpg

5 Fall-Preventing Core Exercises for Seniors

Developing the core is an important way to help reduce the risk of falling in our senior population. Learn 5 great core exercises for seniors that help strengthen their core and make them more independent.

C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Hal Cranmer\IMAGES\stretching exercises for seniors.jpg

5 Effective Stretching Exercises for Seniors

Many people want to stay independent for as long as possible, which is why it’s very important to remain nimble and flexible even as we age. Being flexible increases our range of motion and in turn, helps us to easily perform every task, such as bending down to tie shoelaces or reaching up to grab …

5 Effective Stretching Exercises for Seniors Read More »

A Groundbreaking Discovery for Alzheimer’s Treatment [Infographic]

Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the most common form of dementia, is neurological disorder that causes memory loss and cognitive decline. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, AD is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. Every 66 seconds, someone in the US develops the disease. Current Alzheimer’s treatment consists of treating the symptoms rather …

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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Parent’s Home (After Moving Into An Assisted Living Facility)

When moving into a new residence, people of retirement age are generally downsizing – sending clothes to charities, getting rid of unused appliances – basically donate, sell, or throw away the things that aren’t of use and no longer needed. However, downsizing can take a toll on your elderly loved one. Read about the 5 tips that can help make this transition easier for everyone.

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Atorvastatin (Lipitor): Do the Benefits Outweigh the risks?

Statins are drugs that reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body by limiting the production of cholesterol in the liver. Atorvastatin belongs to a group of drugs called HMG-CoA reductase or commonly known as statins. It prevents and treats heart attacks, chest pain, stroke, and intermittent claudication.

Best Arizona assisted living

Finding the Best Arizona Assisted Living Solution – From People Who Have ‘Been There’

The best Arizona assisted living solution is different for everyone and every family. “I just feel so overwhelmed” That’s what we hear from many families. Families who are taking care of an elderly parent, spouse or relative. As if just being there for a loved one wasn’t enough. Now you may also have to be …

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3 Ways to Make the Most Out of Social Security Benefits

Learn the Top 3 Ways to Maximize the amount of Social Security Benefits you receive. We always advise that you talk to your financial advisor for any retirement planning, but this article will arm you with some great questions to ask.

12 Ways to Support Senior Veterans

The reason Americans proudly declare that America is ‘the land of the free and home of the brave’ is because of a special set of people who bravely fought for the country we all enjoy. Many service members dedicated their lives to fight for the nation’s freedom. Whether a veteran is a family member, an acquaintance, or a total stranger – any form of …

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Northwest Valley Connect Senior Transportation

Aging is inevitable and there will come a time where it will be physically impossible for people to get on with their daily routine without much assistance. It is undeniable that one of the major challenges your aging loved one will face is access to transportation. Driving to and from appointments is not an option …

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Review of MusicGlove for Stroke Victims

Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability in the US. It also kills more than 130,000 Americans each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Over 700,000 people suffer from a stroke per year or about one person every four seconds. Through the advancement of technology, there are numerous treatments that help stroke survivors regain their lost abilities. The only drawback …

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5 Best Tips for Aging Well

Nearly everyone has met an older man or woman who seems to have a zest for life. These individuals have tapped into the secret of aging well – not just living longer, but living well for as long as possible. Living well isn’t just dependent on your bank account, either. Following any of these five strategies …

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Personal Chef to Go: Fresh Meals Delivered to You

When it comes to malnutrition, seniors are the most vulnerable. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, one out of four American seniors suffer from poor nutrition. 80% of people aged 65 years old and older are stricken with chronic conditions that can be worsened by an unhealthy diet.   An older adult who lives alone …

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Understanding Dementia Care Needs

When dementia begins to set in, you may notice disturbing new behaviors in your aging loved one. Dementia doesn’t just bring about memory loss, and the secondary symptoms associated with dementia can be quite difficult to understand, let alone deal with. As a caregiver for someone with dementia, you may find it confusing to know what …

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3 Best Ways for Seniors to Sharpen Their Minds

Many seniors are understandably anxious about the prospect of dealing with cognitive decline, and especially serious conditions such as incurable dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. However, there are ways to slow the process of some forms of cognitive decline. The strategies listed below fall into three broad areas: diet and exercise, human interaction, and mental stimulation. These …

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1200 Calorie Diet for Diabetics

When diagnosed with diabetes, it is crucial to watch what you eat. Limiting calories to 1200 a day can have some great health benefits as well, without feeling like you have to starve yourself. Before beginning any diet for diabetics, please check with your doctor. It really helps to eliminate all the junk and focus on clean, …

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6 Ways to Help Protect Your Eyesight

If you’re over age 40, chances are you are dealing with some degree of presbyopia. This complex term refers to the natural changes that occur with aging eyes. Presbyopia makes it more difficult to read small print, which is the main reason many older people wear reading glasses even if they don’t need glasses otherwise. While …

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7 Unreasonable Side Effects of Statin Drugs

Statins are a specific type of drug that are usually prescribed by doctors to help lower patients’ cholesterol level in the blood. The makers of the Statin drugs also claim they help lower the risk of stroke and heart attack. Statins also may help in reducing inflammation, improving the lining of the blood vessels and …

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5 Widespread Myths People Harbor About Hospice

Our homes work with several top-notch Hospice companies. One of our favorites is Hospice of the West. The Chief Administrative Officer for Hospice of the West was gracious enough to write a blog post explaining some common misconceptions people have of Hospice. The importance of hospice can be challenging to describe unless one has experienced …

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5 Superfoods that Will Help You Age Well

Maintaining a healthy overall diet is an essential element to remaining healthy as you age. But consuming these five superfoods can kick your physical health and cognitive functioning up to the next level. These delicious foods help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, help preserve your vision and improve your skin, boost your immune …

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