Hoyer Lift Guide for Arizona

Many elderly people have a lot of trouble with mobility. They rely on others to help them out of bed or chairs. The trouble is that their caregivers or family members may not be strong enough to help them move around. Caregivers often experience back injuries from helping the elderly. That’s why a Hoyer Lift can really be helpful.

What is a Hoyer Lift?

A Hoyer Lift is a mechanical device used to help someone move around without putting strain on the caregiver.

The lifts can be freestanding, on wheels, or attached to a wall or ceiling. Generally the most popular lifts have wheels to move people around to various locations.

There is a mechanical part of the lift and a sling. The mechanical part is either manually operated using a pump lever or electrically using a motor.

The lift uses a sling to hold the elderly person. In our assisted living homes, we will roll the resident over to one side and then the other in order to place the sling underneath them. Then we attach the straps to the Hoyer lift and transport them to another part of the home.

Some elderly people can also help their caregiver stand up. In those cases a ‘sit-to-stand’ Hoyer lift may be more appropriate.
The elderly person can put their knees against a brace and the caregiver can pivot them to a standing position.

The advantage to this lift is that you don’t have to maneuver the sling under the elderly person’s body in order to lift them up. However, if they are truly bed bound, this lift may not work for them.

How Much Does A Hoyer Lift Cost in Arizona?

If you wanted to just go out to a store and buy a new Hoyer lift, expect to pay several thousand dollars. The manual lifts are significantly less than the electric, motorized lifts. However, neither version is cheap.

There are some other options for the Hoyer lifts that will save you some money. Arizona (and most of the rest of the country I believe) does classify the equipment as ‘Durable Medical Equipment’ (DME) which means it is eligible for insurance reimbursement. Private insurance plans vary in their coverage and you will have to check with your provider to see what the reimbursement will be. Medicare will cover up to 80% of the cost as long as you meet certain conditions:

  • You have a doctor’s prescription for it
  • The person who needs the lift has Medicare Part B insurance
  • Medicare determines that it makes more sense to buy the lift than rent it (although you can rent as well)
  • The doctor you use participates in the Medicare program

Also if the person is on Hospice, chances are Medicare will pay for the Hoyer lift through their Hospice program.

There are also a lot of good used Hoyer lifts on the market. Many families buy them for a family member and then sells them when the person passes away. Check out Craigslist or Facebook market place for some good deals.

Medicaid Coverage

Arizona also has a program for people who are eligible for Medicaid. The Arizona office in charge of Medicaid coverage is called the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). AHCCCS has a program called the Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS) that pays a portion of assisted living and nursing home services. If someone is on the ALTCS program, they may be eligible for Hoyer lifts.


If a person has trouble transferring out of chairs and beds, Hoyer lifts can be a tremendous help. Have you used a Hoyer lift before? Please let us know which brand you used and what you thought of it in the comments.

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