Beautiful Assisted Living and Memory Care Home in Mesa, AZ

A Lively Staff with Decades of Experience and Passion

For many families, the three most important features they want in an assisted living and memory care homes are:

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

The family wants to be close to their Mother, Father or Grandparents. They want to be able to pop-in after work. Or bring the grandkids over easily on the weekend. That’s why we have three assisted living and memory care homes strategically located throughout Mesa, Arizona.


1510 W 5th Place

Blue Sky Manor has a special feel about it. It was the first home our company purchased and it felt like a family home. As in we’d like your loved one to feel like they are around family. We have some very active residents who help us around the home. Like ...
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A True Family Feel Conveniently Located in Beautiful Mesa Arizona

Blue Sky Manor in West Mesa, AZ has a special feel about it. It was the first assisted living and memory care home our company purchased and it feels like a family home. The home is conveniently located in West Mesa near Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler and Gilbert as well. It’s very close to the Riverview mall and the Cubs spring training stadium.

We have some very active residents in our Mesa Arizona assisted living and memory care home. They like to help us around the home. As if they are part of a large family. That’s not to say your loved one has to participate. It’s just to say everyone feels like they are included.

From good food to activities, people in our Mesa AZ assisted living and memory care home enjoy spending time together. Whether it’s working out as a group with our virtual fitness instructor, playing games, barbecuing or going for a walk, everyone likes hanging out with each other.

Our manager started this assisted living and memory care home in Mesa Arizona with his father when he was much younger. Then his father sold it to us. We are doing everything we can to keep that family tradition alive here in Mesa.

Activities at our Assisted Living home in Mesa, AZ

Besides our fitness instructor and the games we play, we have other activities. For those interested and capable, we also like get people outside. Whether that means right around the home or field trips, our residents love living in Mesa Arizona:

  • Spring training baseball (We’re very close to the Mesa Cubs stadium)
  • Boat trips on Lake Pleasant
  • Tending our vegetable garden in our backyard
  • Movies
  • Restaurants
  • Walks around the quiet Mesa neighborhood

Of course families (and especially grandchildren and pets) are welcome anytime! One of our residents has a pet dog named Scooter. Everyone at the home loves having a dog around

Speaking of families, here are some reviews of what families have said about our Mesa Arizona assisted living and memory care:

Fun Facts About Mesa, Arizona


The history of the area we call Mesa today dates back further than 2,000 years when the Hohokam people settled it. The Hohokam built an extensive canal system out of the desert. By about the 15th Century, the Hohokam had made the Mesa area a fertile agricultural plain with a canal system that covered over 110,000 acres. Many of their canals are still in use today.


Soon after they built this extensive agricultural system, the Hohokam mysteriously disappeared.


In 1877 Mormon officials in Utah asked Daniel Webster Jones and Henry Clay Rogers to establish a Mormon settlement in Arizona. They settled in what is today North Mesa. The settlement was originally called Fort Utah and later changed to Jonesville. It was located near what is present-day Lehi Road. The name Lehi came from Brigham Young Jr. naming it in 1883. That’s why today there is such a large Mormon population in Mesa.


Today Mesa, Arizona is the largest city in the United States without a large downtown. It is the 3rd largest city in Arizona behind Phoenix and Tucson. It is home to two large airports – Mesa Gateway Airport and Falcon Field.


Such a large city as Mesa has a lot of fun things to do. From checking out fun museums such as the Commemorative Air Force Museum and the Natural History Museum to tubing on the Salt River, Mesa Arizona has a lot to offer.

A Paradise for Parents Assisted living and Memory Care locations

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