What Families are Saying about our Assisted Living and Memory Care Homes


Nichole Johnson

This is honestly one of the best homes I visit weekly. Always greeted with smiles and happiness. Home is always clean and comfortable. Residents are happy and occupied. Great comfort home by far.


Austin Wourms

This home is by far the best community home I have had the pleasure of working in. Laura is the captain of the ship and she runs the home to perfection. Laura really cares about all of the residents health and happiness and it shows. I see nothing smiling faces at this house. I highly recommend this facility to anyone needing a community home.


Terry E. Mills

This is a wonderful GH environment. Pt's are well cared for, Needs are met, I would recommend this home.


Sara Townsend

Staff are great! My aunt really loves it here and I know she is well taken care of and I don't need to worry about her.


Bette Cohen

Our Mom received excellent care while living her- it was her "home". The staff was wonderful, loving and friendly.


Rev. Dr. Nathan Bowman

A Paradise for Parents is located in a beautiful area, easily accessible from S.R 303, is a clean Group Home but most of all provides care unique to each residents needs. The care is compassionate, friendly, non-judgmental and medically appropriate to each resident's medical, spiritual and social plans of care. Family, loved ones and friends of residents are welcome and respected. Staff want the residents to do the best they can, with reassurance, affirmation, valuation and acceptance.

A Paradise for Parents Assisted living and Memory Care locations

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