Senior Fitness

Amazing “Super Slow” Senior Weightlifting

One of our most popular blog posts lists an overall plan for older people to stay out of a nursing home. Next to nutrition, one of the best ways to stay healthy is to exercise. Especially using resistance training exercises (weightlifting). You can find several blog posts on our site describing good exercises such as resistance band training, Tai …

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7 Easy Chair Exercises For Seniors

As we age, staying physically fit and healthy is much more important. It contributes a lot to improving quality of life and promoting independence in seniors. These simple yet effective chair exercises definitely help seniors achieve their fitness goals, increase flexibility, tone the muscles, and increase their range of motion.

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How Exercise Helps Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes develops when the body is unable to respond properly to insulin, causing a rise of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. Regular physical exercise helps Diabetes and reduces the symptoms. When combined with proper nutrition, along with diabetes medications, Diabetics can really help control and possibly recover from the disease. Encouraging your elderly …

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4 Types of Exercises for Seniors that Everyone Can Use

Whether you’re 10 or you’re 92, regular physical exercise plays an important role in living a long and healthy life. As we age, our bodies may be may be prone to develop different health issues, such as Obesity Diabetes High blood pressure, and h Heart disease Exercise helps combat these issues and prevent them from …

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