Exercise for Seniors Over 75

Jane Fonda's video are still good exercise for people over 75Some of you may remember the workout videos that came out about 20 years ago with titles like ‘Buns of Steel’ or ‘Abs of Steel’. Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons were pushing people in video workouts way back in the early 1980’s. Those videos can still be good exercise for seniors over 75 or any age. We just try to concentrate on the over 75 crowd because that is who we mostly cater to in our assisted living homes. Before starting any exercise programs for seniors, make sure to have a talk with your doctor.

Although I haven’t seen much from Richard Simmons these days, Jane Fonda is still going strong. Now she has some videos with exercise programs for seniors. And whether you use her videos, or someone else’s, video workouts are a great way for seniors to stay healthy while they hunker down during these times.

One of the great exercise programs for seniors is the Silver Sneakers program. Before the Pandemic, we were transporting some of our residents to a local gym to participate in the Silver Sneakers program. It’s a free program for anyone over 65 that is covered by Medicare or some other type of insurance. You can easily check your or your loved one’s eligibility here.

During the lockdown times, Silver Sneakers has produced over 200 videos to use for workouts at home. You’ll still have to show your eligibility for the program to access them, but they are still free. Besides exercise classes, they also provide health tips for seniors.

Programs that Promote Exercise for Seniors Over 75

The videos cover a whole lot of different exercises and benefits for you such as:

  • Silver Sneakers Classic
  • Silver Sneakers Circuit
  • Silver Sneakers Stability
  • Silver Sneakers Enerchi
  • Silver Sneakers Yoga
  • Boom Move
  • Boom Muscle
  • Boom Mind
  • Fall Prevention
  • Fitness Challenge

They also have videos on a whole bunch of nutrition topics. At our assisted living homes, we try to combine exercise for seniors over 75 with good nutrition to help our residents thrive.

Silver Sneakers Nutrition goes well with the exercise programs for seniors

Once the Pandemic is over, seniors might enjoy going out to meet and exercise with other seniors. You can go to this page on the Silver Sneakers website to find locations near you that host Silver Sneaker programs. Usually it is a local gym that hosts the  program. We’ve also seen doctor’s offices and primary care clinics host exercise for seniors programs as well.

In the near term, post-pandemic, there will be some changes to the program. Social distancing will limit the number of participants in the class. It will be especially important to call ahead to save you a trip. Lots of cleaning will be going on as well.

Despite all the restrictions and requirements that the Pandemic has brought, don’t give up on exercise for your senior! There are so many benefits – including boosting their immune system. Silver Sneakers is a great way to make it happen – for free.

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From Pilot to Paradise: Meet Hal Cranmer!

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