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Families are always welcome at our Suprise assisted living homes

A Testimonial for Our Goodyear and Surprise Assisted Living Homes

Recently one of our families gave us this testimonial. It was for one of our Surprise assisted living homes. I just wanted to highlight it for several reasons. The testimonial embodied what we are trying to achieve with all our Goodyear and Surprise assisted living homes. “A Paradise for Parents Banff Ln is an outstanding …

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How to Make the Senior Living Transition Stress-Free

  Many seniors have a tough time moving into retirement homes or making the senior living transition. We all want them to make the change as smooth as possible. Moving into a senior living home is a huge step in life, and one that doesn’t come without its own stress and headaches. There is a …

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Helping the elderly with Hospice

8 Stellar Hospice Services in Surprise and Goodyear AZ

Our assisted living homes often work with Hospice services in Surprise and Goodyear to provide our residents the best care possible. We wanted to highlight in this article the Hospice companies that have given us the best service. They’ve gone above and beyond to care for their residents. Hopefully this will help you make the tough decision on Hospice a little easier.

9 Top Sundowners Syndrome Techniques

Sundowners Syndrome is a condition that affects a great deal of people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. People with Sundowners become agitated and anxious. They have trouble sleeping at night, which causes a lot of stress for both the person and those caring for them. This article shows what the caregivers in our assisted living homes have done to greatly ease this condition in our residents who have it.


5 Tips for Cleaning Your Parent’s Home (After Moving Into An Assisted Living Facility)

When moving into a new residence, people of retirement age are generally downsizing – sending clothes to charities, getting rid of unused appliances – basically donate, sell, or throw away the things that aren’t of use and no longer needed. However, downsizing can take a toll on your elderly loved one. Read about the 5 tips that can help make this transition easier for everyone.