A Testimonial for Our Goodyear and Surprise Assisted Living Homes

Recently one of our families gave us this testimonial. It was for one of our Surprise assisted living homes. I just wanted to highlight it for several reasons. The testimonial embodied what we are trying to achieve with all our Goodyear and Surprise assisted living homes.

A Paradise for Parents Banff Ln is an outstanding facility, with dedicated staff and has my undying gratitude for the manner in which they cared for my wife. The environment was more like family then I could have expected.

The Banff Ln home was always clean. I would say spotless. The food was very well prepared with efforts to individualize meals to the resident, and the leadership was responsive to any issues that might arise. I particularly commend Laura Medina. She is very professional but also very caring.

Finally, I have recommended this group home to my friends”

Our Goodyear and Surprise Assisted Living Homes Emphasize ‘Family’

One of the main reasons I wanted to own and run group homes was for the ‘family’ feel. Our Goodyear and Surprise assisted living homes are actual houses where a family would live. Since we are with the residents so much of the day (and night!) they really start to feel like part of our family.

That family feel also extends to our resident’s family. We really don’t have visiting hours. Do most families only allow their relatives to visit during certain strict times? Hopefully not. We want our residents to laugh, love, talk and enjoy their family’s company as often as possible. Therefore, we don’t mind people coming in when it is convenient for them. We just ask that they respect the other residents as they would want done for their loved one.

We often joke that families shouldn’t bring 18 little kids high on sugar in around 10 at night to see Grandma. But maybe some of the other grandma’s in our homes may like that?

Either way our families do respect. Many families who visit love spending time with the other residents. They all become ‘family’ together.

Our Goodyear and Surprise Assisted Living Homes Emphasize ‘Health’

Every day there seems to be new health breakthroughs in the fight against chronic diseases. Many of our residents come to our homes suffering from one or more of these diseases. They include:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Neuropathy
  • Parkinson’s
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • COPD

Many of the recommendations on fighting these diseases include living ‘healthy’ lifestyles.

One of the most important ways to help combat these diseases is to stay away from toxins in your environment. Molds, chemicals and other toxins are all around us. We want to keep toxin levels as low as possible in our Goodyear and Surprise assisted living homes. That’s why we keep them as clean as we can.

Everyone appreciates a clean house. We want to make sure we keep it clean for more than just aesthetics.

The other parts of ‘health’s we emphasize are diet and exercise. Many of the chronic diseases listed above are the result of poor eating habits over a lifetime. If we can change people’s eating habits just a bit, we can see remarkable results.

We start with any special diets that our medical personnel recommend. Then we go further. We are working with some PhD nutritionists. They recommend meals that can greatly reduce the inflammation that causes so much of these chronic diseases. Did I also mention we make smoothies for many of the residents? Grinding up fruits and vegetables make them much easier to digest and speed vitamins and nutrients to where they are needed most.

You can see another blog post we wrote on how healthy living can help avoid assisted living entirely!

Lastly, We Emphasize ‘Responsiveness’

Lastly none of these emphasis items are any good without a responsive team. I love to tell our families..

“We take requests..”

Besides just diets, we have changed many things based on family requests. We’ve:

  • Remodeled rooms
  • Added activities (including hiring Elvis)
  • Changed meal menus
  • Hired musicians
  • Invited more volunteers to join us

If we’re going to be like family, we should listen to our other family members and make them feel important. When we do receive the requests, we like to act on them quickly. Our Goodyear and Surprise assisted living homes keep on improving thanks to the suggestions from our extended family.

It means a lot to us when a family writes a review like the one above. We love the families we get to meet and care about. We’d love to have a chance to show you what we’re all about. Who knows? Maybe you can join the families at one of our Goodyear or Surprise assisted living homes.

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Picture of From Pilot to Paradise: Meet Hal Cranmer!

From Pilot to Paradise: Meet Hal Cranmer!

Mr. Cranmer went from Air Force Special Operations Pilot to Airline Pilot to running a multimillion dollar manufacturing plant after 9/11 ended his flying career. Now he is bringing his business expertise to his true passion - taking care of seniors in his 'A Paradise for Parents' assisted living homes in Surprise and Goodyear, AZ. Read Hal's crazy career story, 'From Air Force Pilot to Assisted Living Owner'. Click the button to send Hal a message!

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