How to Make the Transitions for Senior Living Stress-Free

The transitions for senior living are tough. Many people go through them. But the question for the family is how to help a senior make the transition to assisted living?  We all want them to make the change as smooth as possible. Moving into a senior living home is a huge step in life, and one that doesn’t come without its own stress and headaches. There is a lot to plan, a lot to do, and many hands are usually required to get it all done.

Here are a few tips for making that transition a happier, easier move for you and the seniors in your life.

How to Help a Senior Make the Transition to Assisted Living? FaceTime

No we are not talking about the app on iPhones and other Apple products. We mean ACTUAL face time. The transitions for senior living are tough. It’s a lot of easier if the family is close by. There are going to be a lot of family members involved in this transition. They may be helping to pack and move or coming to help you manage finances or healthcare.

The people in your life are going to want to help you out. Getting more time with them is going to help you realize that they are there for you. This can help alleviate some of the stress that comes from the transitions for senior living. Relationships should be front and center as part of the transitions for senior living. That way, you can stay positive and connected to the people who matter most.

Make your Space your Own in Your Transitions for Senior Living

One upside of living in a home is that you no longer have to share your space with anyone. No kids, no guests unless you want them, just you and your partner if you have one. This means you can make all of the decoration decisions and really build the type of relaxing home that you have always wanted.

Unfortunately many people give up some freedom when they make the senior living transition. On the flip side seniors tend to become more social when they have other people around them regularly such as in a senior living community. We have both shared and private rooms in our assisted living homes in Surprise and Goodyear Arizona. Many of the occupants of our shared rooms become very good friends with their roommate.

It still can be hard to give up the privacy of your home to do the senior living transition. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of your life from your home into the senior living home. We encourage all our residents and their families to bring mementos from home that really personalizes their space. Pictures, certificates and furniture from someone’s home can really help with new surroundings.

Another factor in how to help a senior make the transition to assisted living is to surround them with familiar stuff. House plants and paintings might sound pretty standard and boring, but they are a great way to make a new house or room feel like a home. Of course, you’ll likely have plenty of people willing to come help you with the physical work of moving furniture and hanging paintings.

Redevelop your Routine for the Transitions for Senior Living

Whenever you go through a major change in your life, your daily routine is likely to get disrupted. Research shows that having a consistent routine is beneficial for your mental health. It helps regulate your circadian rhythm. And that makes sure your brain’s many neurotransmitters are properly regulated.

Routine helps you feel relaxed, well-rested, and energetic at the right times of day. Having a routine can help you out quite a bit if you’re a senior who may be struggling with your schedule. One of the best ways to redevelop your routine is to set a healthy sleep schedule. Sleep health is particularly important for seniors, as their bodies will take long to recover from the day.

Other good habits include making plans with friends and family, and exercising to the best of your ability. Keeping your calendar full will keep you moving throughout the day with plenty to do. It will give you a strong sense that you can get it all done.


So if you’re making the transition to retired life, rest easy knowing that you can get right back into a healthy routine that keeps you happy into your golden years. Stay focused on the essentials: seeing your family, staying busy, and getting healthy rest and exercise. Check these boxes and you’ll be rocking retirement with a positive and productive spirit.

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