Is there a Mobile Dentist for the Elderly Near Me?

As we age, we lose some of our mobility. It becomes more difficult to leave the house and run around to get things done. Simple trips like dentist appointments can become a much bigger deal. Fortunately for residents at our assisted living homes there are dental care services in Surprise AZ and Goodyear AZ that come to us. If you live in Surprise or Goodyear, AZ, the answer to the question is there a mobile dentist for the elderly near me is ‘Yes’!

Mobile dentists can come right to our homes or yours. They usually drive modified RV’s that are like dentist office’s on wheels. There are chairs, X-ray machines, drills (yuck) and any other equipment a dentist might need in the vehicle. People just walk out of their homes and enjoy the dental care services in Surprise AZ and Goodyear.

Asking 'Is there a mobile dentist for the elderly near me?' - These RVs can help if you're in Surprise or Goodyear AZ

We thought we would profile two ‘mobile dentist for the elderly near me’ that can help Goodyear and Surprise families. Who knows? Maybe you don’t have a senior loved one or someone with limited mobility. Maybe you just like the convenience of having the dentist come to you? Although mobile dentists are great for the elderly, they can also help people who are just busy.

Mobile Dentistry of Arizona – ‘Mobile Dentist for the Elderly Near Me’

These mobile dentists have been around since 2009. Their founders realized that although oral care in America in general was improving, it has been declining in the disabled and elderly population.

Mobile Dentistry of Arizona focuses on individuals who have a hard time leaving their homes or workplaces. They have the following staff to support their excellent dental care:

  • 3 Dentists
  • 3 Assistants and
  • 2 Hygienists

When seniors can say 'I have a mobile dentist for the elderly near me' they are a lot happier. Like this ladyTheir mobile offices even have lifts for wheelchairs, mobile scooters and ambulatory devices. From their vehicles, these dentists can provide specialty services such as oral surgery (extractions and implants), dentures and partials. There may be some lab work that Mobile Dentistry has to send out. But most every other dental services are available. They can provide dental care services in Surprise AZ and Goodyear AZ.

Smiles by Delivery Mobile Dentists

Instead of driving their dental RV over to your neighborhood, Smiles by Delivery comes into your home or facility. They can even perform dental procedures in the customer’s own bed.  Talk about a ‘mobile dentist for the elderly near me’! Can’t get much closer than in your bed. Smiles by Delivery prides itself in using the latest technology to help elderly people. And their rates reflect it – up to 30% less than other dental practices.

Not having expensive offices or overhead also eliminates costs.

How Smiles by Delivery works to provide dental care services in Surprise AZ

Some of the services Smiles by Deliver offer include:

  • Digital X-Rays and Exams
  • Basic cleaning and therapy
  • Fillings
  • Root Canals
  • Extractions and Crowns
  • Dentures
  • Implants

Smiles by Delivery mobile dentist logo that provides dental care services in Surprise AZSmiles by Delivery has mobile dentists that can service the entire Phoenix metro area, including providing dental care services in Surprise AZ and Goodyear AZ. They are also a preferred VA Dental benefit provider if you know a veteran who could use a mobile dentist.

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From Pilot to Paradise: Meet Hal Cranmer!

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