Staying Healthy Through Movement

Remaining healthy is important, especially in your golden years. Fortunately, A Paradise For Parents has a personal trainer who works with the residents to keep everyone active.

Through his tireless dedication, James works closely with each resident to accommodate their physical capabilities at any stage. Sometimes, our residents are able to return home!

Watch some of the examples of James at work.

Fitness Example Video 1

James works with Ken – one of his star clients. Since James started working with Ken, he has made tremendous progress in standing up from his wheelchair.

Fitness Example Video 2

Judith is a real inspiration. After working really hard with James, she is now walking up and down stairs for the first time in years

Fitness Example Video 3

James proves with Gilbert how good exercise can be for your daily life.

Roy's Transformation Experience

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Here at a Paradise for Parents, we concentrate on improving the health of our residents. We have four assisted living homes, three right off Greenway road in Surprise, AZ and one in Goodyear, AZ.

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