18 Convenient Senior Transportation Services in Surprise Arizona

As people grow older, their ability to drive a car, ride a bicycle or just walk to where they need to go decreases. Their need to travel, however, is still there. Although older people may not be jet-setting all over the world, they still need to buy groceries, see the doctor, visit family and other activities. That’s where transportation services can be handy. We thought we would provide a list of senior transportation services in Surprise AZ. That includes airport shuttle service in Surprise AZ.

We use some of these services for residents in our assisted living homes. Others we found through our network in the health care industry and through the internet.

Seniors have a wide-range of transportation needs. When we put together this list of transportation services in Surprise, we tried to cover a range of services. Fortunately, there are a lot of transportation services in Surprise that can help seniors. Whether they live on their own, are in independent living, assisted living, or even skilled nursing, these transportation services in Surprise can help.

Regular Transportation Services in Surprise

Pink Transit


Ad for pink transit showing they can provide airport shuttle service in Surprise AZ

Of all the transportation services in Surprise, these guys have the wildest-looking vans. You can probably imagine what color their vans are. They don’t have a website (as far as we can tell), so the link we gave you is their Facebook page. Their Yelp page is pretty helpful as well. They can provide airport shuttle service in Surprise AZ.

Desert Knights Sedans and Limosines

Desert Knight Transportation has beautiful limosAlthough this company is based out of Scottsdale, they can still provide transportation services in Surprise. They are primarily for limo services. Or taking larger parties out for a nice dinner or party. They offer some discounts on their “Specials” page. They can also take people to the airport or across town. Use them if you like traveling in luxury!

My Valley Chauffeur

Specializing in airport shuttle service in Surprise AZ and from pretty much anywhere in Arizona (although they are based in Sun City). You can see their rates to go to the airport from pretty much any city in Arizona here.  They can also run transportation between two cities in Arizona. They will even go overnight if you need them.

The inside of My Valley Chauffer limos. They specialize in airport shuttle service in Surprise AZ

They have a fleet of vans with Captain chairs for seating. The seats make the journey a lot more comfortable.

Brian’s Transportation LLC

We couldn’t find a whole lot of information on Brian or his business. We did, however, find some great reviews about Brian on Angie’s List. Maybe he is saving his advertising money to provide seniors with lower cost transportation services in Surprise? The $49 cost for airport shuttle service from Surprise AZ to the airport seems like one of the best rates we have seen.

This is the information we found on Brian's Transportation

Taxi Fare Finder

This isn’t one of the transportation services in Surprise that we researched. We still thought we should include it because it seems like a very helpful website. Just plug in where you want to go in a taxi and it will tell you what the ride should cost.

Find out how much a taxi should cost anywhere in Phoenix

To My Surprise Shuttle Service

Besides the cute name, this service specializes in airport shuttle service in Surprise AZ. Their shuttle service is very reasonable ($39.95) and they have a fleet of vans to accommodate any size party of people.

To My Surprise Transportation Services specializes in airport shuttle service in Surprise AZ. Pictured are their fleet of vans

Sam’s Trans

Another airport shuttle service, Sam’s Trans has a fleet of comfortable, late model cars, SUVs and vans. TheySam's Trans is very good at airport shuttle service in Surprise AZ have some nice perks like calling you 30 minutes prior to your scheduled transportation. Just to make sure you’re ready to go. If they are bringing you back to Surprise, they will monitor your flight to make sure they are waiting for you when you arrive.

Northwest Valley Connect

We’ve done a previous blog post on Northwest Valley Connect. They are a one-stop shop for transportation services in Surprise. Using a large group of volunteers, NVC has a fleet of shuttle vans and cars that can take seniors to various appointments around the area. Then if they don’t have the right kind of transportation, they can connect seniors to another business or service that can help them out.

Valley Metro Transportation Services in Surprise

The local government offers several public transportation services in Surprise for seniors. The services vary depending on what type of trip the senior wants to take. You can see which service to use based on your need in the table below:

Valley Metro offers several transportation services in Surprise

Here is more information about each service:

  • RideChoice requires you to fill out an application. To see if you’re eligible or learn more, you can also call (602) 716-2100.
  • Senior Center Bus – This is a shared ride bus for seniors who visit the Surprise Senior Center more than 3-5 times a week. The fare is $2 each way. You can call (623) 222-1515 to learn more.
  • Seniors can use the Valley Metro Paratransit for medical appointments and to go to work if the distance is greater than 7 miles from their home. If you are an ADA certified rider, you can book any distance greater than ¾ of a mile. Here is a map of where Valley metro covers. The cost is $4 each way.

Dial A Ride

Valley Metro also offers Dial A Ride. They offer this service to three groups:

  1. People with disabilities
  2. Seniors over age 65
  3. The General Public (some communities) – They don’t offer it in Surprise….yet!

Look for the distinctive Dial A Ride vans and transportation services in Surprise ArizonaDial A Ride is a handy service that can bring you right to your appointment. You can also bring a caregiver with you if you registered as needing a caregiver when you submitted your ADA registration. The fares are located here. They ask that you bring the exact fare when you ride with them.

Benevilla Volunteer Medical Transportation

Although not widely advertised, Benevilla senior center in Surprise offers volunteer transportation for seniors who can’t afford anything else. Unfortunately, people must be able to enter and exit their vehicles without assistance (no wheelchairs!). If you are a senior who is pretty mobile, this might be a good alternative.


Lyft has now been approved for medical transportation with MedicaidNormally I would not include Lyft or Uber in this list of transportation services as I am trying to gear the list specifically to seniors. However, I came across this article that Arizona has become one of the first states to authorize Lyft for their Medicaid patients. Medicaid in Arizona is known as AHCCCS or ALTCS. People on these programs in Arizona can use Lyft and bill the service to Medicaid. They still, however, need to go through a Medicaid broker to set up the ride.


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services in Surprise


We have to plug Medstar as our go-to non-emergency medical transportation company. We are in the midst of signing a contract with Medstar to provide transportation to all our residents. This includes any medical appointment as well as field trips as part of our activity schedule. Medstar has its headquarters in Tempe but they serve the whole Phoenix Valley.

Medstar has all sorts of vehicles in their fleet

They can accommodate anyone from fully walking to laying on a stretcher. Their drivers are fully background-checked, trained in medical procedures and wear a uniform with a picture ID. Many hospitals, rehab centers and assisted living businesses contract with them in the area. And they provide discounted pricing in exchange for the contract. I can’t wait to provide this extra service to our residents!

JM Medical Senior Transportation Services in Surprise

JM Medical Transportation senior transportation services in Surprise AZ can accommodate everyone in their wheelchair vans shown hereNon-Emergency medical transportation is a great resource for seniors. There are several transportation services in Surprise that help people who are in wheelchairs. Or are even bed bound but still need to see the doctor. All the drivers for JM Medical are:


  • Trained for basic care needs
  • CPR/First Aid certified
  • Background checked

Their Ford transit vans have very advanced wheelchair lifts to accommodate people who might need a little extra help.

Sonny Dancel

Sonny can also provide non-emergency medical transportation services in Surprise. He has a large capacity van with a wheelchair lift Although he is a one-man operation, Sonny also operates a care home. He knows the needs of seniors who might not be very mobile. We have used him on many occasions to transport the residents of our assisted living homes. Everyone was very impressed with his service.

Valley Medical Transportation

Another non-emergency medical transportation company in Surprise. Valley Medical has a fleet of autos from a Toyota Prius, to sedans and minivans to get you where you need. All drivers are CPR/First Aid certified and background checked.

Royal Express Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Royal Express senior transportation services in Surprise AZ logo

Royal Express covers the whole Phoenix Valley, which includes Surprise. They are a larger transportation company with a solid fleet of vehicles and a 24/7 operation. They can also accommodate stretcher transportation. Royal Express also works with the VA Health Care Group, Inc. to provide extra transportation to veterans. That way the vets can keep their independence.


Emergency Medical Transportation Services in Surprise

These are the big boys. When you call 911, the Fire Department in Surprise responds. Specifically, their Emergency Medical Services department. They provide 24/7 advanced life support and transportation services to all the citizens and residents of Surprise Arizona. If you don’t need the immediate medical services of 911, you can also call them at (623) 222-5000.


We are blessed to have so many transportation services in Surprise. Hopefully this post will list enough transportation services in Surprise AZ that there is one that is right for you. If you know of any other transportation services, please let others know in the comments below.

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From Pilot to Paradise: Meet Hal Cranmer!

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