Personal Chef to Go Review: Fresh Meals Delivered to You

When it comes to malnutrition, seniors are the most vulnerable. We see a lot of people come to our assisted living homes who have not been eating well for years. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, one out of four American seniors suffer from poor nutrition. 80% of people aged 65 years old and older are stricken with chronic conditions that can be worsened by an unhealthy diet. That’s where Personal Chef To Go can come in handy. It can really help. We wanted to give you a Personal Chef To Go review. But first a little more background information. 

An older adult who lives alone or wishes to reside in their own home is constantly facing the challenge of preparing nutritious meals. Since their capacity to cook and prepare healthy meals for themselves lessens, most seniors opt to satisfy their hunger through:

  • Take-out meals
  • Frozen or packaged or
  • Skip a meal altogether.

Pre-packaged foods and takeaways from fast food restaurants are generally loaded with added sugar and sodium plus they are high in calories and artificial preservatives that negatively affect the body.

If you’re looking to remedy this problem and provide fast and healthy meals for your elderly loved one, meal delivery services such as Personal Chef to Go may be a convenient alternative for you.

Personal Chef to Go Review

Personal Chef To Go LogoPersonal Chef to Go is a meal delivery service that provides nutritious and delectable meals nationwide. They follow the guidelines set by the American Heart Association ensuring their customers are eating real, whole food. They also offer various meal plans that are suitable for different lifestyles and taste buds. To give their customers a little taste of the world, they incorporate unique cuisines such as Asian, Mediterranean, American and more into their menu.

One of the advantages of Personal Chef to Go (and what we really liked in our Personal Chef To Go review) is that the food they ship is never frozen. It is always fresh – devoid of any artificial preservative and additives – and ready to eat. Even though they incorporate different flavors, their menus are mainly inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine.

Personal Chef to Go likes to switch things up, literally. You’ll never get bored of your food. Their menu changes every nine weeks with at least 12 different dishes available. Their meals are nutritious and contain all the necessary ingredients to keep you healthy and give you enough energy throughout the day. Personal Chef to Go meals usually contain lean protein sourced from beef, pork, chicken, cold water fish and shellfish, as well as different kinds of vegetables, fruits, sauces and dressing, legumes, and whole grains.

How it Works

There are three simple steps to ordering food from Personal Chef to Go:

  1. Select a delivery date and meal plan that best suit your lifestyle and schedule.
  2. Order online securely for easy and safe express home delivery.
  3. Food arrives at your home. Heat and eat in mere minutes!

Personal Chef to Go places your orders in refrigerated containers to ensure they stay fresh and delicious before handing them over to Federal Express Ground or Second Day Express. The meals arrive at your home after a day or two, so make sure to plan ahead.

Watch the Video Here

Personal Chef to Go offers gift cards that can serve as gifts to show someone that you care. You have the option to choose between e-cards that can be sent through email or physical gift cards that can be mailed to you or directly to the recipient through USPS.

Personal Chef To Go Review – Meal Plans

Since they are committed to providing meal plans that fit their customer’s lifestyle, Personal Chef to Go has curated five meal plans that are designed for a range of different family situations:

Our personal chef to go review came from using their website pictured here

1. Busy Singles ($99.95 to $109.95)

This plan is for people who are busy and have no time to prepare meals. Since busy singles need a lot of energy to get things done, they are entitled to enjoy a little treat by the time they get off from work. This plan gives you five individual meals including side dishes that you can eat for dinner and three entrée salad meals for lunch.

2. Couples On The Go ($129.95 to $139.95)

This plan consists of five delectable entrees, two servings each, along with side dishes prepared by the chef. This plan is designed for people who want to spend quality time with their significant other without worrying about preparing and cooking food or even going out to eat. Bond over gourmet meals that are delicious and healthy.

3. Family Favorites ($89.95 to $99.95)

Gather the whole family and enjoy each other’s company over a delicious meal that people of all ages will love. This plan includes the main course, side dishes, and rolls that will give you four wonderful family meals a week. You can choose between two size options.

4. Dinners Only ($69.59 to $74.50)

This plan is the most affordable meal plan on the list. It includes five evening meals taken from the Couples To Go menu but with only a serving for each meal. If you are curious about how the meals from Personal Chef to Go taste, you can start with this plan. Additionally, you get to enjoy the night off without having to worry and plan for meals.

5. Lunch and Dinner ($124.50 to $134.50)

Personal Chef to Go’s Lunch and Dinner plan is their most flexible meal plans on this list and it is perfect for seniors. This plan includes five lunches and five dinners for one person. The lunches are composed of three gourmet entrees and two salad meals while the dinner includes dishes from the Busy Singles menu.

The prices of the plans depend on whether you are a subscribed member or not. Essentially, if you are a one-time customer, it will cost more per meal than if you have a subscription. There might be an additional $10 charge if you have special dietary needs or requests.

You are able to see the current, previous, and future menus for their meal plans along with the nutritional information on all meals on their Our Menus page.

Delivery Area

You can shop for yourself or place an order for someone else and have it delivered to anywhere in the United States. Personal Chef to Go’s kitchen is based in Mechanicsville, VA where they display their products. So if you are in the area, you can sample their meals or purchase the same dishes as the ones shipped.

If you want you or your elderly loved one to eat healthy, gourmet meals without having to shop, cook, and clean up, you might want to seriously consider Personal Chef To Go. You get to choose the perfect meal plan and taste new and exciting dishes.

If you have more questions about Personal Chef to Go, they are more than happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information. If you can’t find the answers in their comprehensive FAQ section, you can contact them during their live chats or via their email and phone number.

Source: APFP

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