Solace Hospice AZ in Surprise and Goodyear: A Partner and A Friend

We are doing everything we can at our assisted living homes to make the lives of our senior residents more fun and comfortable. To take care of our residents, we need help from outside medical experts. Some of those experts come from Solace Hospice AZ in Surprise and Goodyear. Other professionals in the area include:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Phamarcists
  • Dentists
  • Hospitals
  • Priests
  • Musicians
  • Medical Transportation

Sometimes we have great results. Some of our residents improve to the point where they move back into their own home.

Inevitably though, everyone reaches a point where it’s time to prepare for the end. That’s where Hospice comes in. We really like the services we receive from Solace Hospice AZ in Surprise and Goodyear. And we want to let you know about it!

The Many Misconceptions About Hospice

We have several blog posts about what people may inaccurately believe about Hospice (see here and here). One of those posts also describe how to evaluate a Hospice for your loved one. We have another post explaining how assisted living homes like ours work with various Hospice services. You may want to review them for more information about Hospice services in general.

Last I heard (2018), there were about 90 Hospice companies serving the Phoenix Valley. Like any industry, there are some good ones and some bad ones. Some are very small. And some are very large. Today we want to go more local. We want to showcase a Hospice in Surprise and Goodyear that many of our residents use and appreciate. We have a special bond with the folks in this Hospice. And we want to tell you about them.

Solace Hospice AZ in Surprise and Goodyear

When I purchase our four assisted living homes in 2016, the current owner was Thomas Fedzin. He had been running the four homes with his family for over 10 years. The homes enjoyed a wonderful reputation in the community with the ‘A Paradise for Parents’ name. Naturally I did not want to hurt that reputation. So we kept the name intact.

After selling the homes to us, Thomas purchased Solace Hospice. He then took all his experience working with the elderly and applied it to his new passion, Hospice care. As you can imagine, Thomas knows our homes and our staff very well. He assembled a wonderful team of caregivers for me. We are thankful to him for doing so. Now he has put together a staff that works extremely well with our caregivers. He knows what our business needs and fulfills those needs for us and for our families. Many times he will personally stop by our homes to make sure our residents are receiving the best Hospice they can.


The Solace Hospice AZ Mission

Take a look on the About Us page on Solace Hospice’s website. There they sum up their passion very well with a quote from Dame Cicely Saunders, the original founder of the Hospice movement:

“You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life. We will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die.”

Solace Hospice AZ takes this quote to heart. They have a tremendous group of employees that gives support to everyone involved:

  • Our resident (their patient)
  • The family of the resident
  • Our staff

We think of Hospice in Surprise and Goodyear as an extension of our staff. Solace does a great job of providing the support we need to help residents as they approach the end of their lives. And sometimes it doesn’t have to be the end of their lives. Thanks to the team of Solace and A Paradise for Parents working together, we have been able to help a few residents ‘Graduate’ from Hospice. They become well enough to no longer qualify for Hospice.

Solace Goes Above and Beyond the Medical Care for Hospice in Surprise and Goodyear

The job of a good Hospice is to prepare someone for the end of their lives. That preparation is much more than just the medical portion (although that is important as well). At least what we’ve seen with Solace Hospice AZ in Surprise and Goodyear, they have a very supportive staff that takes care of all the issues:

  • Medical – their staff consists of a medical director, an attending physician, a registered nurse, and aides
  • Spiritual – A dedicated spiritual advisor and Chaplain who can work with many different religions
  • Emotional – A social worker with 20 years of experience, mostly in skilled nursing
  • Family Relief – a volunteer coordinator that has been in volunteer work for most of her adult life. She can help families find any help Hospice cannot provide in the Surprise and Goodyear area

Thomas also appreciates what our military does for our country. His Hospice is especially outspoken in helping veterans receive the best care they can. They are regularly sponsoring events for veterans, posting great information for veterans on their Facebook page, and helping the families with their Hospice services throughout Goodyear and Surprise.

Did We Mention Solace Hospice AZ in Surprise and Goodyear is Free?

Maybe you already knew that Hospice services are always free to the patient. Or you read it on one of our previous blog posts? If you didn’t already know, the Hospice services are always free, no matter what company you use.

The trick is to think of these services as free care for your loved one. Don’t think of it as an end-of-life decision. Remember that we have seen several people improve to the point where they no longer need Hospice in Surprise or Goodyear.

Give Solace a Try

If your loved one may be at the point where they need Hospice, we would highly recommend having them evaluated. If they need Hospice in Surprise or Goodyear, we recommend Solace Hospice AZ. They don’t necessarily have to be in one of our homes either. Solace will come to people’s homes, to hospitals or wherever the patient needs them.

Maybe you’d like to see about an assisted living situation that includes Hospice? Please feel free to reach out us at the home page of our website, our email, or call us at 623-295-9890.  If you would like to be in touch with Solace Hospice, please call 602-888-7037. You can also reach them through their website or their email.

Regardless of what you choose, we understand choosing the right Hospice is a very difficult one. We wish you the best of luck. And we want to help any way we can.