Why Aleca Is Our Assisted Living Home Health Provider

Aleca Home Health logoFamilies who come to our assisted living homes from a hospital or rehab facility often have a home health provider come with them. The doctor at a rehab or hospital will prescribe Home Health as part of the treatment for an elderly person. For our homes in Surprise, Goodyear and Mesa, Arizona, we really like working with Aleca Home Health.

What is Home Health?

Home Health is a range of health services, normally paid by insurance, that you can receive in your home or in an assistedIntravenous therapy is part of Home Health living facility. You can receive a large range of medical services in your home. In our assisted living homes our caregivers provide some of the services a company would provide to someone living in their own home. The services they provide beyond what our caregivers do, include:

  • Wound care for all sorts of sores or wounds
  • Intravenous nutrition or medications
  • Certain injections
  • Speech Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Health monitoring or maintenance
  • Education of our caregivers or families of a particular patient’s condition

Our caregivers will provide more health monitoring (blood pressure checks, weight, blood glucose) and medication administration tasks. You can find a Medicare guide to all the services here.

Why Aleca Home Health?

We work with Sante Rehabilitation facilities in Surprise, Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler, Arizona. Rehab facilities really help people as they transition from a hospital back to their permanent living arrangements. The patients could be going home or to an assisted living facility.

Sante Rehab in Surprise AZ

Sante gives the patients the therapy they need to become healthier and more able to make the transition. They offer temporary skilled nursing services, rehabilitation and outpatient therapy.

They great thing is that they also own Aleca Home Health. That way you receive consistent, high-level care, with the same people that know you from the Rehab facility. Even if you don’t use Sante rehab after the hospital, Aleca is very familiar with how rehab facilities work. Therefore they can make the transition to Home Health very easy.

On the front of their website, Aleca Home Health states it’s mission:

Coordinated by licensed professionals with a passion for dignified care, Aleca Health provides timely at-home services tailored to your needs, helping seniors live at home comfortably and independently.

And that’s what we see in our assisted living homes. Aleca Home Health really tries to improve the health of our residents. And they have had a lot of success. We have residents who become well enough to leave our home and go out to dinner with their family, or spend the weekend with them.

We’ve even had a resident go on a cruise with his family!

Other Aleca Services

In addition to Sante Rehabilitation Centers, Aleca can also provide Hospice Services and Senior Living Services. The Senior Living Services means they can work with assisted living homes and facilities to offer lots of health services across the whole community. They have employees with doctoral degrees in specialized therapy to cover the needs of a whole community.


Just as it is so important to pick the right doctor, it’s also important to pick the right Home Health care provider. If you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area, we would highly recommend Aleca Home Health. Their customer service is exceptional. You can really see their passion for helping people, especially elderly people.

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From Pilot to Paradise: Meet Hal Cranmer!

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