Avoiding Depression in the Elderly During Hard Times

Depression in the elderly is already a much more common occurrence than the rest of the population. Hard economic times just make it worse. There are stories all over the place of misery and tragedy. Avoiding depression is much easier during the good times. You really have to work at it during the hard times.

Depression in the elderly is growing

Besides feeling down, depression can lead to many other problems. Depression has been linked to such problems as heart issues, chronic diseases, inflammation, unhealthy amounts of weight loss or gain, lower energy levels and digestive issues.

On the other hand, avoiding depression and have a general sense of optimism can lead to other healthy outcomes.

So how do the elderly go about avoiding depression? One thing that can really help is to turn off the news! Remember that the news is all about ratings for their advertisers. And news companies believe that the more tragic the story, the more viewers will tune in. They want to push out the worst in the world.

Depression in the Elderly Caused by the News – “If it bleeds, it leads”

Elderly and Depression from the newsIt’s easy to become caught up in their stories. People will argue with their television sets. They will try to figure out a solution to the overall problems in the world. They will discuss it with friends and family.

At the end of the day, it’s all just talk. Sitting on the couch and watching the news will not solve anything. It will probably lead to more depressing thoughts. You certainly won’t be avoiding depression by watching.

Turning off the news will be a big step in avoiding depression. Elderly people instead should find a purpose in life and go after that. Perhaps they could help babysit grandchildren? Or they could find some volunteer work? It’s not unheard of for the elderly even to go back to work – even for a part time job. Starting a little business may not be out of the realm of possibility.

What about those elderly who suffer from chronic conditions and are not very mobile? Well that could be there purpose right there – improving their health. Changing their lifestyle for the better.

Just find something worthy of your energy. You might find you have more of it! And finding your purpose will make you realize you just don’t have time for all those silly newscasters.

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From Pilot to Paradise: Meet Hal Cranmer!

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