Our Carnivore Diet in Assisted Living Podcast

I am really excited about using the Carnivore diet in assisted living situations. We have been using the diet in our assisted living homes for about 4 months now and seeing some amazing results.

Like a resident losing 135 lbs in 3 months amazing.

Like another resident actually IMPROVING on her cognitive health assessment for Alzheimer’s amazing.

With results like these, I was invited on a Podcast to let people know.

Why the Carnivore Diet in Assisted Living?

The Carnivore diet is a way of eating that primarily focuses on animal protein. That means foods that have no carbohydrates and lots of protein, including:

  • Red meat
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Organ meat

It excludes plants, and carbohydrate-rich foods such as breads, pasta, cereal and other grains. Definitely no sugar!

No sugar for the carnivore diet in assisted living

Many people have trouble adhering to this diet strictly. And that’s the beauty of having the Carnivore diet in assisted living. Our caregivers can control what people eat. It’s hard to cheat.

That doesn’t mean we have to go cold turkey. It means we figure out a plan to gradually transition people away from a diet that brought them to our assisted living homes in the first place.

So let’s look at the two kinds of results we are seeing..

The Carnivore Diet in Assisted Living for Alzheimer’s

For the past couple of years I have asked multiple people if they would like to have their loved one try out the Bredesen Protocol. Most people have already accepted that their loved one is only going to get worse with their dementia and Alzheimer’s and reject my offer.

Finally late last year we had a family who wanted their Mom to improve. So we signed her up for the Protocol. As part of the Bredesen Protocol, we signed up for health coaching with the company A Mind for All Seasons.

Part of the Bredesen Protocol is eating a low-carb diet. The Protocol recommends more of a plant-based approach, but we thought Carnivore would work as well. So we tried it.

There are some other interventions as well. But the Carnivore diet in assisted living facilities seems to be working.

We are seeing our resident remember everyone’s names in our facility.

She also came to us and could not remember where her room was. Now she has no problem figuring out where it is.

And most exciting of all, she has improved almost 10% in her cognitive test assessment.

The results of a carnivore diet in assisted living - a better SLUMS test

Part of the test was being able to draw a clock face and showing the time 11:50. She could not do this the first time we gave her the test!

Our resident was able to draw a clock face

Our Carnivore Diet Weight Loss Success Story

Our second success story is with a lady who came to us weighing 548 pounds. She had spent the last 8 years in a skilled nursing facility and lost about 50 lbs in that whole time. We knew something had to change. So we found a nutritionist who has had a lot of success helping people lose weight. He now has a best-selling book on Amazon.

The nutritionist came up with a diet plan for a high-carb day and a low-carb day. By high carb I mean a day with much less carbohydrates than the average American, but more than being strict Carnivore.

The low-carb days are very low. Like 25-50 carbs for the day.

She also had to fast for 14-16 hours a day.

The results have been amazing. From October 2022 through January 2023 she has lost 135lbs! She’s walking a lot more and we have been able to take her out on shopping trips. Something she has not done in about 9 years. The credit sure goes to doing the Carnivore diet in assisted living.

Julie's instagram post showing she has lost 100lbs in 56 days doing the carnivore diet in assisted living


We really like the combination of the Carnivore diet in assisted living. The results speak for themselves.

Have you had any success with the Carnivore diet in any situation where you have been? Please let us know in the comments below.

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From Pilot to Paradise: Meet Hal Cranmer!

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