A Great Chinese Restaurant in Surprise AZ

Some residents came from our assisted living home in Goodyear ArizonaLast night (March 9th, 2019), we had a wonderful evening out. We asked several residents from one of our assisted living homes in Surprise Arizona, and some from our home in Goodyear, Arizona, to join us. We took them to a wonderful Chinese restaurant in Surprise AZ. We highly recommend the Big Buddha restaurant in Surprise AZ.

Nothing very fancy. In fact, a lot of residents from our assisted living homes just wear sweats when they go out on trips with us. It’s just wonderful to bring them out of the house, socialize with other people, and enjoy all the great activities the town of Surprise Arizona has to offer.

The Big Buddha Restaurant in Surprise AZ

When we picked up our residents, we had no idea where we wanted to go for dinner. So we did a quick poll. Everyone seemed to be in the mood for a Chinese restaurant in Surprise AZ. Surprise Arizona has a lot of great restaurants, so it was easy to find something close.

The Big Buddha fit the bill.

The Big Buddha restaurant in Suprise AZ has lots of space
This is where we sat – right in the middle of the action!

In between our assisted living home at 18175 W Banff Lane and another one of our homes at 15922 N. 164thLane in Surprise Arizona, sits the Big Buddha. They were extremely accommodating to us, giving us the biggest table in the place. We arrived there about 5pm on a beautiful Surprise Arizona afternoon. By that time the crowds started showing up. The Chinese restaurant in Surprise AZ stayed busy for our whole meal. Pretty soon after we arrived, there started to be a long wait.

The Meals were Excellent

Every one of our residents (and me too) really enjoyed the food. From Sweet and Sour The Moo Goo Gai Pan at our Chinese restaurant in Surprise AZChicken to Moo Goo Gai Pan, our senior residents enjoyed it. One particular favorite was the Singapore Noodles with beef and shrimp. The noodles had a slightly spicy curry flavor to them. The curry really made the beef and shrimp taste even better.

Another plus about the restaurant was that even though it was very crowded, it was still pretty easy to talk to each other. Our residents really enjoyed learning about the residents from the other homes. They all agreed it would be fun to see each other again soon.

The Singapore Noodles at the Chinese restaurant in Suprise AZAfter the meal I asked the manager if they provided any discounts for seniors or veterans. He said that they did not. They try to keep their prices very low for everyone. Therefore they cannot give discounts for any particular group.

I would agree about their pricing structure. For the very large portions we had, everyone pretty much had to take some home in a doggy bag! And the meals were only about $12 each with (non-alcoholic) drinks. That’s a pretty good deal for such a large dinner.

After the Meal at the Chinese Restaurant in Surprise AZ

 On the way back to our assisted living homes, everyone talked about going out again soon. There were also a lot of jokes from the residents in our assisted living home in Goodyear about the city of ‘Surprise’.  You can just imagine how they went:

“I was really ‘surprised’ we were going out to dinner tonight”

“I don’t know what to order – ‘surprise’ me”

“I’m ‘surprised’ there is a Chinese restaurant so close to us”

And so on. It was a lot of fun. It also gave us an opportunity to look up the origins of the name Surprise Arizona.

We made lots of jokes about the town of Surprise Arizona

I’m sure we will be going back to the Big Buddha restaurant in Surprise AZ soon with more residents. Do you have a senior in your family? Do you live near Surprise, Arizona? If you do, I would highly recommend taking them to The Big Buddha. Maybe we’ll see you there!

If we don’t see you there, please feel free to contact us for any other recommendations around Surprise Arizona or Goodyear. You can reach us through our website, email us,  or call us at 623-295-9890. And if you know of any other good Chinese restaurants in Suprise AZ, we’d love to hear about them!

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From Pilot to Paradise: Meet Hal Cranmer!

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