164th Lane

About 164th Lane

15922 North 164th Lane, Surprise, AZ 85388

Our home on 164th Lane received the ‘Best Home in Surprise AZ Award for 2019’ from the website SeniorAdvisor.com. We are especially proud of the fact the award is given based on feedback from the families of our residents. With 18 years of experience in caregiving and 11 years of running this home, she has become a true specialist in residents with dementia and other memory care issues.

The rest of our staff has a lot of experience working in larger facilities and medical establishments with chronic age-related diseases. Although all our homes have at least some experience with residents that have memory-care issues, our home on 164th Lane specializes in it.

Our home on 164th Lane is one of two of our homes that accepts Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS) Mercy Care residents.

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Our Manager


Lydia Marquez

Lydia was born in Manila in the beautiful islands of the Philippines. She made her way over to the United States in 1993, and became a caregiver 21 years ago in 1996. Her first caregiving job was a real baptism of fire. She started in a very large 300 bed facility in California!

After three years in the large facility, Lydia was looking for something different. She gradually made her way to Arizona in 1999 and has been here ever since. She became certified as a caregiver in Arizona in 2000 and managed five care homes in Scottsdale for 5 years. Managing five homes can be quite a task, but Lydia was up to it. After a while though, she was ready for something different.

In 2005 Lydia saw an opportunity to run the home she is in now and never looked back. She has managed the Paradise for Parents home since 2005 and we love having her. She is the rock that helps hold our care homes together, and she is always ready with a joke and a smile!

Lydia lives with her husband about two blocks from the home she manages. Her husband is also a caregiver in Lydia’s home, and he certainly knows who is the boss!


We are licensed for 10 residents. Our license includes residents at the supervisory, personal, and directed levels of care. Normally we are not full, so there is more room for everyone

Yes. We can offer both private and semi-private rooms. Semi-private rooms offer a chance for the resident to interact with someone else, which we believe is important. Semi-private rooms also help reduce the financial burden on the resident and their family. If the resident and their family want a private room, we can accommodate that as well. Some of our private rooms have their own baths as well.

Absolutely. All of our hallways are four to five feet wide. Interior and exterior doors are a minimum of 36 inches. There are no resident areas with stairs or lips of any kind including our showers. Our vanities in many cases are also wheelchair accessible. We also have support bars and boosters on our toilets.

Yes. We have a nurse that stops by regularly to provide checkups on the residents. The frequency of the checkups will depend on the level of care the resident requires. We also have a mobile Doctor service that can provide medical treatment if the need arises. Of course the resident is free to coordinate their own medical services as well.

Yes. Each resident bedroom has a pendant they can either mount on the wall when they are in their room, or wear around their neck when they are out of their room. The pendant has a button that will ring the caregiver station. When the resident presses the button, the intercom system automatically alerts the caregivers which room number is ringing.

We have two caregivers on staff during the day from 7am to 7pm. Then there is one caregiver at night when all the residents are asleep. The caregivers are all certified by the State of Arizona, are required to have background checks, medical exams such as Tuberculosis tests, and maintain CPR and First Aid certifications.

Yes and no. Residents are welcome to bring their own personal furnishing for their bedrooms but if they prefer not to we will furnish the rooms. We include as part of our furnishings beds, nightstands, dressers and a TV in the room.

Normally our visiting hours are 9:30am to 6pm every day. However, we are flexible and will allow you to stay with your loved one outside of these hours. We would just ask you let the staff know you will be staying later, and you don’t disturb the other residents.

Yes. There will be at least two activities scheduled each day. One of these will involve some sort of exercise for the body and the other will focus on exercise for the mind. The caregivers will lead the exercises and mind activities. When the weather allows we have concrete walking paths in the back yard. Wireless internet is also available throughout the home. We also have a beautician who visits the facilities regularly to provide haircuts, styling, pedicures and manicures.

Absolutely. There is scheduled entertainment brought in from the outside and we find lots of occasions to celebrate. We like to celebrate resident birthdays and most of the holidays.

We work with a local company to provide transportation services. They can provide transportation both for residents in wheelchairs and stretchers. We would refer you to their service. We do not receive any compensation from them if you use their service.

Yes. Our caregivers and house manager are certified in providing medication management. The caregivers follow the documented orders from the Doctor or other medical staff, and document all medications as they provide them to the residents. All medication is kept in separate containers for each resident, and the containers are locked up when not in use.

No. We are a private pay facility; however, our location at 135th Drive accepts AHCCCS/ALTCS residents.

For residents with long term care policies that may cover all or part of the monthly charge either the resident or their representative would need to submit the paid receipt to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Room and board, at least three meals a day (snacks are available as well), activities, medication management, laundry, assistance with care needs such as bathing, toileting, and medical assistance. Above all we want to provide a feeling of being part of a family in our homes.

We have a $500 move in fee to cover all the paperwork and room preparation. Our state-required service plans include a nurse checkup every 3-6 months depending on the level of care. The nurse visit will cost the resident $45. There are also extra charges for hairdressing, manicures and pedicures.

Still Have Questions?

We understand there are many concerns about placing your loved one in an assisted living home. That's why we have compiled a list of FAQs to help put your mind at ease. Please click the button to learn more about visiting hours, activities, and more!